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Monday, October 25, 2021

As one of the most awaited days of Valentine's week comes near- Teddy day, we start looking for perfect teddy bears gifts to impress our beloved. Although there are plenty of options to start with, choosing the perfect plush teddy bears from so many options available can be really tricky. We understand how confusing it can get to choose a teddy bear that reflects your love for your loved ones.

Adorable Teddy Bears

Most people take teddy bears as the cuddly, soft, furry toy that provides comfort and warmth. Teddy bears are appealing, especially to most of the girls. Additionally, in most cases, teddy bears are advertised by showcasing them with a girl holding them. Therefore, it makes sense to make your girl happy by gifting her a thoughtful teddy gift. However, if you are unsure which teddy bear you should select, don't worry, as we have got you covered. Here are some unique teddy gifts to celebrate teddy day with your girl.

1- Hugging bear 

The hugging teddy bears are one of the most adorable gifts that will surely make your girlfriend happy. The Hugging bears feature two teddy bears snuggling with each other. They are designed in such a manner that their arms are around each other in the hugging position. They are available in brown and pink colors to represent two lovers embracing each other. They come in small sizes, so your girlfriend can easily carry them with her everywhere she goes and place them on her bed or beside her bedside table. The pair makes a simple yet meaningful gift for your girl.

2- Couple Teddy Bear

The couple teddy bears are also similar to hugging teddy bears. You can find two teddy bears sitting together representing various moods such as looking at each other eyes, cuddling, blushing, smiling, and so on. Moreover, they come in small sizes, making them handy, and are equally budget-friendly. Therefore, you can consider gifting multiple teddies representing various moods. These teddies are a perfect teddy gift for couples, not just on Teddy Day but for all occasions.

3- Kissing Teddy Bear

As the name suggests, kissing teddy bears is designed to represent two teddy bears kissing each other. This makes a  perfect souvenir for your partner that will remind them of your love and companionship. Like other teddy bears mentioned on the list, they are also commonly available in small sizes. Likewise others, they also make a  thoughtful teddy gift that will make your partner blush.

4- Giant Teddy Bear

When it comes to teddy bears, we cannot ignore the giant teddy bear. The large size of the teddy makes it the most preferred huggable stuffed toy. Girls love to play around and cuddle with large-sized plush teddy bears. She can cuddle with this stuffed bear imagining it is you, whenever she feels lonely. Moreover, these teddy bears come in various colors: brown, pink, white, and many more. You can further customize the stuffed bear by adding a personalized message for your girlfriend. In addition to this, it is also great for clicking photos.   

5- Teddy Bear with Heart Message

What can be cuter than a teddy bear with heart with a customized message written on it? This Teddy Day, a special stuffed bear will surely make your partner feel more special and loved. It will become her most cherished keepsake gift in no time.

6- I Love You Teddy Bear

Although you don't need to wait for any special occasion to make your loved ones feel special, I Love You Teddy Bear is the perfect teddy gift during Valentine's week. The teddy bears are available in various sizes, so you can choose according to your needs. The teddy bear is designed to hold a big heart in its hand with an I Love You message inscribed on the heart.

 7- Pink Teddy Bear

Sometimes a silent friend who listens to all our worries without judgment is all we need. The Pink teddy bear is a thoughtful gift that will stay with your beloved and remind her of your love in your absence. It is a symbol of affection, compassion, and unconditional love that you and your girlfriend share with each other. The smiling face and smooth furs of the teddy will provide her comfort during tough times.

 Final Thoughts

Valentine’s week is one of the most special days for love birds. During each day of the entire week, every couple puts their maximum effort into making their partner feel special. It is a well-known fact that girls love teddy bears. Therefore, teddy bears are one of the most important days of Valentine’s week. While there are tons of teddy bears that you can consider gifting your girlfriend, some teddy bears, like the teddy bear with heart are more special than others. Additionally, if you are looking for some customized teddy bears for your loved ones, you can check out teddy bears range from Giant Teddy.


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