The Giant Teddy Difference: Not all BIG Teddy Bears are Created Equal

Friday, September 24, 2021
There are other oversized jumbo teddy bears in the world. But they don't carry the brand name of Giant Teddy.

What makes the difference?
Marty Shags, blue Giant Teddy bear
Marty Shags, blue Giant Teddy bear, with his huge I Love You heart

We do not believe in cutting corners just to cut costs or mass market. Bears that might be sitting by someone sick, or playing with a baby (supervised!) should never make you wonder if they are new, clean and safe.

You never have to wonder with Giant Teddy.

Giant Teddy brand bears are made with new top quality materials that meet or EXCEED all US Safety Standards.

Our life size teddy bears are multi-cultural; their fur comes from China but they are designed in California and stuffed with love in California, given a big hug, and then sent to forever bear homes all over the United States and the world.

We use brand new, lightweight, non-clumping materials so that our bears look great and keep their bear-ish figures, while still being super soft, and so easy to hug and move around.

Why do we stress "new materials" in our descriptions? We love to be green and recycle, but our belief is that our stuffed furry friends need certified new hypoallergenic stuffing to be top quality and safe.

We offer amazing choices: lots of bear family styles, bears for special occasions, holidays, birthdays, just for love, and personalized. You can Shop by Size with us - bears range in size from 18in adorable bears to 72in HUGE teddy bears in lots of pawesomely beautiful fur colors.

One of the signatures of Giant Teddy brand bears is how unbelievably soft they are. So soft. Cuddly soft. Can't-stop-hugging-them soft!

AND... we humbly think they are some of the cutest teddy bears on earth.

All the bears would love to have you stop by our website and say HI - we bet at least one of them waves and asks to come live with you while you're there!

Giant Teddy bears for Mother's Day
How can you resist that face?! Giant Teddy bears for Mother's Day.

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