Sunny's Thanksgiving Trivia

Monday, September 27, 2021
Our big teddy bears all love Thanksgiving because it is about being thankful for the blessings you have and the people (and bears!) you love - oh, and eating of course (even if they are often still full from all the Halloween candy they snorffled down. We mean you, Sunny.)

Most Americans know some Thanksgiving history but Sunny Cuddles picked a few of his favorites to share so you can wow your friends and family with your amazing trivia knowledge as you gather together this Thanksgiving.

Sunny's Thanksgiving Trivia 
Did You Know...
Sunny Cuddles life-size teddy bear
"Thankful for hugs!" -Sunny Cuddles life-size teddy bear from

  • Thanksgiving was declared an official holiday by Abraham Lincoln in 1863.  
  • Some people say it was the 17-year letter writing campaign by the woman who wrote the nursery rhyme, "Mary Had a Little Lamb," Sarah Josephna Hale, that pushed Thanksgiving into the spotlight to be a national holiday. 
  • The first Thanksgiving was in October and lasted 3 days. 
  • About 50 Pilgrim men and 90 Wampanoag Indian men attended...there were only about 4 Pilgrim women who had survived the hardships and if they were around, they were cooking. 
  • The biggest pumpkin pie on record according to Guinness Book of World Records was 2,020 pounds, and 12 feet long. (This is my favorite fact - fetch my pie fork!)
  • The first football game played on Thanksgiving was in 1934 when the Detroit Lions played the Chicago Bears. The Lions have played every Thanksgiving since then, except when they were all away fighting in WWII.
  • A Turducken is a Turkey stuffed with a Duck stuffed with a Chicken...and a lot of them are eaten at Thanksgiving! 
  • Minnesota is one of the biggest turkey-producing states in America. 
  • Cranberries were close by the original celebration Plymouth, but they were so tart it is doubtful they were eaten by anyone then! Massachusetts is still a huge supplier of all the cranberries we love in sauces at the holidays. 
  • Giant Teddy has some mighty cute Thanksgiving teddy bears to help you say how Thankful you are... and one of them is ME! (Well, that's not really trivia, but I was SURE you'd want to know...)

Happy Thanksgiving from all the life size teddy bears
Thanksgiving teddy bears are a fun way to tell someone how thankful you are.

Happy Thanksgiving from all the life size teddy bears and life size humans at Giant Teddy!

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