NEW! Giant Teddy Bear T-Shirt Gallery for Custom Personalization

Monday, September 27, 2021
The bears are majorly excited to announce our NEW! Giant Teddy Personalized Teddy Bear T-Shirt Gallery

Now you can pick ANY teddy bear (including pandas, hippos and gorillas!) on our site - any size, color, style - and select one of our great personalized Teddy T-Shirts to go on your bear.

We'll print your own 3-5 word message on the bottom of the shirt for a really special personalized gift they'll remember forever!

Shopping is easy - you can find your bear first (shop by Size, Color, Family and more from our home page) or find the shirt you love first and then go find the perfect bear to wear it. Both will end up in your cart at check-out.

Some of our NEW Teddy T-Shirts in the Valentine's Day T-shirt Gallery

Personalize any size Giant Teddy bear
personalized message

T-Shirt Message Box
Personalize any size Giant Teddy bear with any shirt in our gallery. 3-5 words from you will make it a one-of-a-kind gift they'll remember forever!

Be sure you enter your personalized message in the "T-Shirt Message Box" when ordering the shirt, or your shirt will come without any personalization... and check your spelling carefully since we'll print it exactly as you type it.

Our Bear Designers are hard at work creating lots of fun designs for every season and every reason you can imagine sending a Personalized Giant Teddy Bear. Check back often to see what's new and know that your gift will be one of a kind and straight from your heart.

Have a Bearrific Day : )

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