Fun Father's Day Facts from Giant Teddy

Monday, September 27, 2021
Father's Day Fun Facts from Giant Teddy! 
The bears love to celebrate Dad

The bears love to celebrate Dad, and here are some interesting things you may not know about the Sunday in June set aside to honor all the men who influence our lives. 

First Father's Day: 
June 19, 1910

Who "Invented" Father's Day?
Sonora Louise Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington is credited with that honor.

Why did she invent Father's Day?
She heard a sermon given on Mother's Day honoring Moms, and wanted to find a way to honor her father, William Jackson Smart, a widower who raised six children.

Why that day?
It was her dad's birthday!

How did it become an official holiday? 
1914: President Calvin Coolidge supports a plan for Father's Day

1966: President Johnson proclaimed it an official national holiday

1972: President Nixon signed it into permanent law declaring it officially observed on the 3rd Sunday in June

How does Father's Day rate on the Greeting Card scale?
It is the 4th largest card-sending occasion with 87+ million cards purchased every year.

Top Selling Father's Day Gifts for Dad
Well... there's the tie of course!

It has become somewhat of an urban legend that all Dads get ties (in some cases, ugly ties) for Father's Day - and it is true that about 40% of gifts most year are some type of clothing.

But with the more casual and/or virtual workplace environment of today, far less gifts are actually ties than legend would have you believe.

Dads often get homemade gifts from kids under age 10 that rate high on sentimental value - including homemade paper or cloth ties with handprints or designs.

Dads often ask for or receive power tools, simple screwdrivers and hammers, electronics, and sporting goods.

Also on the list of gifts requested or purchased are things for hobbies, gift cards, and - you guessed it - Father's Day stuffed animals!

If you are going for a stuffed animal this year, go big. Giant Teddy big! We have some great big teddy bears for Father's Day in custom shirts, or personalize a shirt just for your dad and put it on any bear.

Ask us how at or come visit all our special Father's Day Teddy Bears, Personalized Bears, and T-Shirt Gallery for ideas on a big, cuddly, very memorable gift for Dad...whether it is his first Father's Day or his 50th!

Thanks Dad, for all you do every day of the year. Enjoy your special day.

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