November's Beaver Supermoon is a BIG deal: Sunny Cuddles Explains It All

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Sunny Cuddles Explains It All: Supermoons

Sunny Cuddles

Hi, I'm Sunny Cuddles from Giant Teddy. It's time for a super Supermoon!

Supermoons occur when they are closer to earth than normal, making them look bigger and brighter, or 'super' in size.

And it seems like supermoons are everywhere these days.

We had one in October. We'll have another one in December.

But the November 2016 Supermoon is kind of a big deal. Literally. 

What Makes This One Special?

This Supermoon will be closer to earth than any supermoon has been for almost 70 years. That's like... a whole human lifetime.

And it won't be this close again for another 20 years. So don't miss this one.

When can I see this Super Supermoon in the sky?

Officially, it will be 'super-est' on Monday November 14th.

For teddy bears & your human friends just looking at it in the night sky, it will look equally big on November 13th and 15th.

Why is it called a Beaver Moon?

This one is called a Beaver Moon, because the full moon at this time of year marked when the Algonquin Native American tribes and American colonists set beaver traps before the water froze. Beaver pelts were valuable to trade, and were warm winter furs.

*shudder* I'm glad they weren't setting Teddy Bear traps...

It's kind of complicated to observe a supermoon though. 

Are you ready for instructions?

You have to be outside or by a window. And you have to look up at the moon.

I know. You should probably practice. And do NOT let pie distract you.

Ohhhh... pie. It looks like a supermoon.

Sunny Cuddles Explains It All
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