We aren't Ted the Movie Bear!

Friday, October 17, 2014
Hi everyone - we get a LOT of comments on social media about two of our big teddy bears looking just like Ted. Or even calling them Ted. 

Cutie Chubs and Shaggy Cuddles asked if they could blog about it today...

So Cutie Chubs and I are kind of tired of being called, "Ted" ... he's the bear in that movie with Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi, and Seth MacFarlane. He had a bit of a foul bear mouth sometimes, was funny sometimes, and might have even made you cry at one point.

And while we totally love that a movie was made about a bear being clever and having a job, we just aren't him.

If you meet either of us in person you'll see we are seriously cute, bigger than Ted (in some of our sizes), and polite enough to have dinner with your mom.

There is a movie about a bear named Ted.
He has a big body and a really big head.
He might look like us but not totally so
Our name is not Ted... we thought you should know. 
--An Original Poem by Giant Teddy bears 
Cutie Chubs & Shaggy Cuddles

Hi, I'm Shaggy Cuddles! I'm totally adorable, with soft furry light brown fur and a snappy checkered bow tie. My name, though, is NOT Ted. But I AM famous - I was in a TV special with the guys from "Myth Busters" and I also happen to be a personal bear friend of Jennette McCurdy. 

Jennette McCurdy with Shaggy Cuddles from Giant Teddy 

Shaggy Cuddles had a blast (literally!) being on the "Mythbusters" special with Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel. 

I'm so cute! But I'm NOT Ted... I'm Shaggy Cuddles from Giant Teddy!

Hi, I'm Cutie Chubs! I have super soft light amber brown fur, and my name is NOT Ted 

; )

Cutie Chubs is from Giant Teddy

He loves to travel - here's Cutie visiting Portland, Oregon

Cutie Chubs is a huge, brilliant teddy bear... graduated Summa Cum Cuddly

Cutie Chubs likes to grill - famous for his kabobs & burgers at all the Giant Teddy picnics. 

If you'd like to meet us, come visit GiantTeddy.com - and we'll introduce you to all of our giant teddy bear friends while you are there!

If you are looking for Ted, well, you'll just have to buy the movie. 

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