Lulu Shags On USA Network's "Royal Pains"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Giant Teddy Bear Lulu Shags is many things - she's super soft, very pink, and a teddy bear TV star!

Henry Winkler as Eddie Lawson on USA Network's hit show
Henry Winkler as "Eddie Lawson" on USA Network's hit show, Royal Pains holding pink Giant Teddy bear Lulu Shags.

Lulu Shags was in an episode of the USA Network's "Royal Pains" on June 24, 2014 called, A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough.

She played a giant pink teddy bear named "Pookie" and had a great time on set. Lulu said the cast & crew were all amazing and talented. She said it was a thrill for her to be on screen with Henry Winkler holding her and having a chance to act alongside so many talented people.

Giant Teddy bear Lulu Shags played Pookie
Giant Teddy bear Lulu Shags played "Pookie" the big pink teddy bear on USA Network's "Royal Pains" - a role she was born to play!

In May of 2014, Lulu Shags was also the giant pink teddy bear in an episode of CBS's "Mike & Molly" called, Sex, Lies, & Helicopters" that featured a hysterical scene with Melissa McCarthy wrestling Lulu to the ground (and then de-stuffing her but we won't go into the stunt work that Lulu performed.)

Giant Teddy Lulu Shags played the big pink bear on CBS's
Giant Teddy Lulu Shags played the big pink bear on CBS's "Mike & Molly"

If you know a fan of either show, or just a big pink teddy bear fan, Lulu Shags would make the perfect gift. She comes in several sizes and is soft, cuddly and adorable. People who've hugged her say she might be the softest bear they've ever felt (a trait all Giant Teddy brand bears share by the way!)

Visit Lulu Shags at and see her Bear Paw Walk of Fame Star Page for her personal bio, press release and appearances.

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