In Your Own Words: Giant Teddy Bear Picnic from Kay G

Thursday, July 10, 2014

in your own words...

We love to hear from our customers & social media 

followers! This month we are celebrating 

Giant Teddy Bear Picnic Month,

& we invited anyone who has a Giant Teddy Bear to submit

pictures or videos of their Giant Teddy bear(s) having

picnic fun. At the end of the month, we'll do a drawing

for a 30in Share Your Picnic Bear giveaway!

This picture and cute story is from Kay G. who is a

Giant Teddy Bear Mom to Willy Shags, Sewsie Big Love and

Little Susie Big Love. It is a reminder that with our 

soft, adorable, huggable Giant Teddy bears,

every day can be fun... even if rain clouds are overhead.

Oh no. 
Imagine the disappointment when we woke up this morning to a summer thunderstorm.  

All the planning and fun that the bears were looking forward to for the official Teddy Bear Picnic Day were for nothing – no fun to be had.  
Or was there a way??????
Thanks to some fast planning and several phone calls, The Garrett’s were determined to HAVE their day in the sun with a Teddy Bear Picnic!  
Since @Giant Teddy Bears are all so welcoming and love all kinds of friends, Willy Shags, Big Sewsie Love and Little Sewsie invited some of their other friends like Houston the Monkey and Freddy the Frog to join them in some fun.
Once all were in attendance, they were given a list of items for an old time scavenger hunt out and all the loot
would make a grand picnic.

Each Teddy Bear Picnic Day Scavenger Hunt guest got this list of 26 items, one for each letter in the alphabet:
A – Apple B – Banana C – Cauliflower D – Doughnuts E – Eggs F – Fig Newton G – Grapes H – Hot dog I – Ice cream J – Jelly Beans K – Kettlecorn L – Lollipop M – M&M’s N – Nuts O – Orange P – Pancakes or Pumpkin Q – Quiche R – Raspberry Lemonade S – Strawberry T –Tomato U – Upside Down Cake V – Valomilk candy W – Watermelon X – Extra Gum (ok we fudged on this one just a bit) Y – Yogurt Z – Zinger It was amazing how fast these bears and honorary bear guests were when motivated with finding food!  

In no time flat, they were back with their bounty spreading it out for all to see. We took this group photo just before they all dove into the stash, everyone reaching for their favorites.

Giant Teddy Bears Willy Shags
Giant Teddy Bears Willy Shags, Sewsie Big Love & Little Sewsie Big Love had a fun Teddy Bear Picnic Day party with friends despite the rain outside

We all decided that maybe the best picnic was the one we held INSIDE on a day when most folks would have cancelled their Teddy Bear Picnic plans!
Hope everyone had as great a Teddy Bear Picnic Day as we did!!!!
-Kay, Willy, Sewsie & Little Sewsie

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