Big Green Teddy Bears are Perfect for ANY Holiday!

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Why GREEN Teddy Bears are the perfect choice for EVERY holiday - By Willy Shags (full disclosure - I'm a green teddy bear, but I promise the facts will convince you.)

lots of Giant Teddy bear friends and relatives

So sure, I have lots of Giant Teddy bear friends and relatives of all sizes and colors, and they are all adorable (we are seriously cute and cuddly, I promise, no matter what color you choose.)

But I'm THE Green teddy bear - and none of the other bears like to admit that I'm the only color of soft cuddly big teddy bear that is ideal, fabulous, perfect and wonderful for EVERY holiday there is.

Sure, some will claim they are a "classic" color teddy bear, or that a pink teddy bear is perfect for Valentine's Day, or wouldn't a red or blue teddy bear be ideal for 4th of July?


But none of those colors is perfect for EVERY holiday.

Green is. Soft, plush, cuddly, rich, beautiful green fur on a cute teddy bear is totally perfect for them all.

You seem skeptical... fetch my calendar, I think it's time to show you the green in life.

Here we go!

  • New Year's Day: Green is the color of renewal

  • Valentine's Day: Green is the color of jealousy, and everyone would be jealous of you if you got a Giant Teddy bear

  • President's Day: Green is the color of money and presidents are on money

  • St. Patrick's Day: Do I really even need to say it? OK, fine... Green is the official color of St. Patrick's Day and many Irish traditions involve green (you can have fun reading my favorite Irish trivia on our blog!)

  • Easter: Green is the color of life, the color of the grass and trees that bunny hops around in hiding eggs, the color of the decorative grass in baskets full of goodies, and even the color of many Easter eggs you buy or decorate yourself

  • Earth Day: Green Day!

  • Arbor Day: What color are most trees during their growth season? What? I can't quite hear you... oh yes, GREEN

  • Cinco De Mayo: May 5th - there are 5 letters in the word 

  • Mother's Day: Mom loves flowers with beautiful green stems (especially if they are sitting next to a Giant Green Teddy Bear)

  • Memorial Day: unofficial start of summer and you know what summer is full of... GREEN things, including limeade (my favorite drink - Cozy and Sunny Cuddles put up a Lemonade stand every year but I put up a Limeade stand!)

  • Father's Day: Green ties are always in style

  • 4th of July: picnics wouldn't be any fun sitting on BROWN grass my friends 

  • Labor Day: you get paid "green stuff" for your labors don't you?

  • Halloween: Frankenstein's Monster, Witch's Brew, Wicked Witch of the West, drippy-goey-scary lettering... SO much green

  • Thanksgiving: Thankful for green, and the best Green Bean Casserole ever made (we always use a recipe handed down by our Great-Grandmother Shags)

  • Christmas: Green is everywhere!

  • New Year's Eve: Some people celebrate too much and look a little green, some people spend a lot of green to go celebrate, and everyone waits for the green light to yell, "Happy New Year!" and isn't that where we started this list?

No matter what holiday you celebrate that I might have missed, I bet there's green somewhere!

And look how awesome my friend Cha Cha Big Love looks wearing her St. Patrick's Day outfit - Green looks good on everyone.  (Thank you Yvonne for letting me use Cha Cha's picture in my blog about GREEN!)
Green Giant Teddy bears are perfect for any holiday

So there you have it. Green Giant Teddy bears are perfect for any holiday any time of the year. But we do love company - so get a green teddy bear and then you can look around on for another bear. After all, you can't stop at just one!

-Love, Willy Shags (Giant Green Teddy Bear)

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