Giant Teddy Bear Christmas Gift Guide for Grandparents

Friday, December 13, 2013

 Give your grandchildren the most adorable gift around this year - a Giant Teddy!

In this day and age of fast-paced electronic toys, why not go “old school” as they say? Give your grandchildren a gift with old-fashioned Christmas charm – a teddy bear! But not just any teddy bear – a Giant Teddy bear. 

Our bears range from a loveable armful in our 18 - 20 inch Tiny Bears all the way up to jaw dropping, “That bear can’t really be that BIG!” enormous life size 6-foot teddy bears, and every size in between.

Giant Teddy bears come in lots of great colors and personalization options. If your grandchild has a favorite color, we probably have a sweet teddy bear to match! And who wouldn’t want a personalized big teddy bear? You can put your grandchild’s name or a short 5 word message on one of our personalized teddy bears for a gift they will always remember.

Teddy bears are such a classic gift. They are cute and adorable, and even when you can’t personally be there to hug your grandchildren, you can send one to them through their new Giant Teddy bear.

Bears listen quietly to secrets and will be a great BBF (Bear Best Friend) for your grandkids, from babies all the way to college students and adults.  Our bears are fluffy soft, easy to hug and even when they are life size teddy bears 6 feet tall, they are still lightweight and easy to carry and move. Each bear from Giant Teddy is also safe for babies and toddlers.
Can't decide which bear is right for your gift choice? We can help! Contact us anytime. 

We've categorized this guide smallest to largest and then included some of our personalized and holiday bears at the end. Feel free to browse our entire website for the perfect bear, but we hope this gift guide helps you visualize how amazing our bears really are and gives you some ideas!

It was hard to decide who to feature in this Giant Teddy bear gift guide, and the bears had to give speeches on,“Why I am the best Giant Teddy Bear for your grandchildren’s Christmas Gift” – some of which brought us to tears – but here are our 

Top Giant Teddy Bear Gift Choices for Grandchildren this year:

Our Tiny Bears are 18-20 inches and their super soft fur and just right size put “other” smaller teddy bears to shame. These Tiny Giants are perfect for sitting on a dorm room bed or a baby’s nursery shelf and are small enough to go everywhere your elementary school grandchild wants to take them from the store to sleepovers.

Tiny Shags Teddy Bears from Giant Teddy come in so many colors!

Meet our Tiny Shags Bears! They come in so many colors, and have adorable silly teddy bear faces you and your grandkids will fall in love with - we can't think of a better bear in this size than one of these Tiny Shags Teddy Bears. Best of all they each come in many other sizes, too, if you want to build a Shags teddy bear family.

Our Big Bears are 2-3 ½ feet tall and impressively sized! Finding one of these extra large teddy bears under the tree on Christmas morning will be a thrill for anyone but the magic of a child’s expression is priceless.

Meet Cha Cha Big Love, 42in (also available in other sizes)

Meet Shaggy Cuddles, 38in Big Teddy Bear (Shaggy comes in many sizes!)

Meet Happy Cuddles 38in light blue teddy bear (Happy comes in many sizes!)

Adorable Coco Cuddles 26in white teddy bear (Coco comes in many more sizes)

Meet 35in BooBoo Shags (he comes in many other sizes too!)

Meet Juju Cuddles 38in black teddy bear (Juju also comes in other sizes)

Meet Lila Chubs 30in big teddy bear

Our Huge Teddy Bears come in sizes ranging from 3 ½ - 4 feet tall and will be sure to cause squeals of joy and amazement from kids and adults too! These really big bears are so much fun – but might try to steal a cookie when you aren’t looking, so be careful.

Meet Lulu Shags 45in pink teddy bear (Lulu is in lots of sizes)

This is Brownie Cuddles, 46in dark brown teddy bear (many other sizes of Brownie available)

Meet Sewsie Big Love 47in lavender purple teddy bear (Sewsie comes in many sizes)

Introducing Coco Cuddles, 46in huge white teddy bear (Coco comes in lots of sizes)

Meet Willy Shags, 45in big green teddy bear (he comes in several sizes!)

This is Papa Xin, 42in Panda Bear and patriarch of our Panda Bear Family

Our Enormous Teddy Bears are over 4 feet tall and may be bigger than your grandchildren! Don’t worry though, they are all really gentle and cuddly, and every bear we offer in all categories is safe for babies. Imagine the photos through the years as your tiny grandbaby grows and has a giant teddy bear friend for size comparison in each one.

Waldo Shags 52in white teddy bear will make anyone smile! (Waldo is in other sizes too)

Cutie Chubs 55in lives up to his name - such a cutie! (Cutie is an amber brown bear, also in other sizes)

Chester Mittens is 4 1/2 feet of snoozy bear with a red heart - he's also designed to be a body pillow!

Gigi Chubs 55in huge pink teddy bear with "I Love You" heart (Gigi is in other sizes)

Meet BooBoo Shags 52in cream teddy bear - isn't he cute? (BooBoo comes in many sizes)

Our Life Size Teddy Bears are traffic-stopping impressive. They all stand from almost 5 feet to 6 feet tall! These bears will be the gift of a lifetime and talked about by anyone who sees them and still have the Giant Teddy characteristics of being lightweight and super cuddly cute.

60in Sunny Cuddles enormous mocha brown bear (Sunny comes in many sizes - kids love him!)

DeeDee Cuddles is 65in of lilac purple teddy bear love (she comes in lots of sizes)

Bitsy Cuddles 65in is a giant red life size teddy bear (she comes in other sizes too)

Lady Cuddles is a beautiful pink teddy bear in sizes up to 6 feet tall - she's very popular!

65in Munchkin Chubs is a plump dark brown adorable life size bear (in other sizes too)
65in Sugar Tubs is a beautiful life size gray teddy bear (Tubs bears come in many sizes and colors!)

65in Smiley Chubs is an enormous cream teddy bear (and he comes in many sizes)

Personalized Teddy Bears are a wonderfully personal gift to give anyone, and every kid we know loves to see their name on their things. Our bears wear our custom teddy bear shirts in many designs for holidays, birthdays and just because days! You can put your grandchild’s name on the shirt or a short message up to 5 words. We can add a shirt to almost any bear over 25 inches (except our Panda Bears who just refuse to wear them) so if you find a bear you love that isn’t in our Personalized Teddy Bears selection, please ask us about adding personalization! Here are a few of our many options:

48in Personalized Sunny Cuddles teddy bear in a Paw Print shirt with your message on the front

Adorable 18in Buster Shags with a Personalized Ornament - The Perfect Gift Set!

52in Personalized Teddy Bear Diamond Shags in Santa Hat - Wonderful Christmas Gift

38in Cozy Cuddles Personalized Teddy Bear - cute heart stamp shirt with your message underneath

Personalized Birthday Teddy Bears are so much fun - be sure you check them out for birthdays during the holidays or anytime.

Christmas Teddy Bears are a special part of this wonderful time of the year! Meet some of our seasonal bears (and a hippo!) full of Christmas spirit:

A Hippopotomous for Christmas - a fun Christmas song and we've got just the hippo to go along with it! Huggable Kubu Christmas Hippo 43in

Cozy Cuddles 48in Christmas Teddy Bear with Santa Hat and green bow tie

45in Marty Shags Blue Christmas Teddy Bear in a Blue Santa Hat
42in Papa Xin Christmas Panda Bear in blue Santa hat and blue bow tie

45in Waldo Shags white Christmas teddy bear in red and green scarf

38in Lady Cuddles Christmas teddy bear brings pink to the holidays wearing her red Santa hat and green bow tie

Make it a Giant Teddy Christmas this year... and watch your grandchild's eyes glow with excitement from something that isn't electronic!

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