Giant Teddy's Halloween Teddy Bears Are Spooky Fun

Monday, October 14, 2013

Giant Teddy Bears for Halloween

Big Bears that are spookily adorable help you celebrate this fun time of year Giant Teddy style!

Ghosts, goblins, things that go bump in the night… you totally need a Halloween Teddy Bear to enjoy being scared with this year! Giant Teddy is upping the fun factor for Halloween with some fun big bears. 

We make sizes for everyone, and for Halloween we go all the way up to squeezable life size bears to make a big impression at your party or just to hold your place on the sofa while you run get more popcorn for the scary movie marathon.

Our big teddy bears make a big statement at Halloween parties, school events, office celebrations, for fall and Halloween birthday gifts and for anyone who loves this time of year.  

Imagine having one on your front porch helping you hand out candy (be sure you don’t let them eat it all!)

Good times just get better when you add a Giant Teddy bear. 

This year for Halloween, we are offering several bears in costume and some bears in awesomely great custom t-shirts, including a personalized option.

Would you like to meet them? (Say yes, then scroll down...)

60 inch Munchkin Chubs has dark brown fur and a sweet chubby teddy bear nose. He is five feet of cute holding a plush orange heart that says “Happy Halloween” on it.

60 inch Munchkin Chubs with Happy Halloween Heart

Happy Halloween from 48 inch Brownie Cuddles – he will steal your heart but give you his plush orange one in return.

Brownie Cuddles 48 inch Happy Halloween Heart Bear

Amber Brown Shaggy Cuddles is an adorable 26 inch large teddy bear wearing a mysterious red and black sparkly mask with matching red and black feathers. (Fan in the photo is not part of the costume, but an idea of how you can accessorize it on your own.)
Shaggy Cuddles 26 inch Halloween Bear in Feather Mask - Fan not included.

38 inch Sunny Cuddles is a big silly bear in a mysterious red and black sparkly mask with matching red and black feathers (fan pictured is not part of the costume.)

38 inch Sunny Cuddles Halloween Feather Mask

38 inch Shaggy Cuddles is ready to bite into Halloween wearing a Vampire Teddy Bear costume so watch out for your neck! And he should probably brush well if he’s eating a lot of candy. He would make an awesome gift for any vampire fans (of books, movies, television series) that you know. 

Shaggy Cuddles 38 inch Halloween Vampire Bear - Costume does not include all items shown in photo.

Charming Devil 38 inch Sunny Cuddles looks dashing in his red horns. And if you don’t give him enough candy you might get jabbed with his pitchfork.

38 inch Sunny Cuddles Devil Bear Costume for Halloween

26 inch Shaggy Cuddles sends a personalized Halloween message on his white teddy bear shirt with scary orange and black jack-o-lantern.
Send a Personalized Halloween Teddy Bear - 26 inch Shaggy Cuddles

48 inch Brownie Cuddles is a big bear and he brings big life to your personalized Halloween greeting on his spooky jack-o-lantern t-shirt.

Big Halloween Bear 48 inch Brownie Cuddles in Personalized Shirt - Great Gift Idea!

Be creative and personal with your custom Halloween Bear message, or be inspired by some of our ideas:

1. I’m someone’s Boo

2. Happy Halloween [NAME]!

3. UnBEARably Cute

4. Scary Sweet

5. Love My Boo

6. [NAME] is Spooky Sweet

7. Candy Supervisor

8.  This is my costume.

9. I love you! Happy Halloween

10. Scary Movie Snuggle Bear

11. Trick or Treat Inspector

12. [NAME] is my Boo

Boo! Bears bring smiles and scares to those you care… about. We ran out of rhyme, but not out of style. Each of these bears is wearing our custom design with a scary black Giant Teddy logo bear outline and black and orange “Boo!” on the shirt.

38 inch Black Juju Cuddles is a big bear with beautiful black fur just perfect for Halloween (and a bit of a ghost-hunter in his spare time according to his Facebook page.)
38 inch Juju Cuddles Halloween Teddy Bear Boo! Shirt

30 inch Brownie Cuddles is a silly brown teddy bear who would love to help you celebrate this Halloween.
30 inch Brownie Cuddles Boo! Bear for Halloween

48 inch Brownie Cuddles is a huge brown teddy bear, perfect for snuggling on the sofa watching scary movies with you and keeping all the goblins away!

48 inch Brownie Cuddles Boo! Bear for Halloween - he's a BIG bear!

Now THAT’s a Giant Halloween Teddy Bear!
If you want to cause a big stir, you need a big bear, and we’ve got them. Our life size bears are dressed to impress in their custom Happy Halloween t-shirts with a scary orange and black jack-o-lantern on the front. Five feet of ferociously cute teddy bear will make your Halloween memorable.

60 inch Brownie Cuddles Giant Teddy Bear with dark brown fur and Happy Halloween t-shirt

Enormous 5 foot Happy Halloween Teddy Bear Brownie Cuddles

60 inch Sunny Cuddles Giant Teddy Bear with Mocha Brown Fur and Happy Halloween t-shirt
Sunny Cuddles is five feet of cute Happy Halloween Teddy Bear - he thinks his shirt is Pawesome!

Halloween Teddy Bears will be on sale Wednesday October 16th! 

Are you a Giant Teddy Facebook Friend? Buy with our Flash Sale Discount - look for details on Facebook Wednesday October 16th. 

(And if you aren't... you don't know what you're missing!)

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