Be the Big News on Campus with a Teddy Bear for Homecoming

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rah Rah Rah It's Homecoming Time! 

Giant Teddy can make you legendary on campus.

Fall means lots of fun, including big homecoming football games, big homecoming dances, big mums… and big bears? Tradition has girls wearing giant mum corsages with ribbons and streamers and cute decorations for football and their school, and guys wearing big mum arm garters that are similarly impressive.

DeeDee Cuddles loves her purple mum for Homecoming
 DeeDee Cuddles loves her purple mum for Homecoming, but she isn't saying who asked her to the game and dance! Guys do yourself a favor and get your girl the traditional giant mum AND the awesome Giant Teddy bear to make her the envy of all other girls... and make you the Homecoming Hero!

But how much more impressive would that giant mum be if you gave it to your special someone along with a Giant Teddy bear?

Happy Cuddles is really happy wearing his Homecoming mum garter
Happy Cuddles is really happy wearing his Homecoming mum garter! Ladies, give a Giant Teddy bear to your man for Homecoming and deliver your mum in huggable style! 

Giant Teddy has bears in lots of great colors to match your school or personality, and sizes that start at adorably cute and go all the way to How Big Do You Dare?

Start a new Homecoming Teddy Bear Trend with a Giant Teddy! Long after the crowds are gone, the game is over and the mum is just a photo memory on Instagram, there will be a great big huggable bear to remind your special someone of how great it is being with you.

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