A Stuffed Hippopotamus For Christmas…

Monday, December 3, 2012

Huggable C. Hippopotamus, The True Inside Story

Santa had been humming a song for days.  Something about a hippopotamus for Christmas.  He loved that song!  As he was going over his lists one day (he had a lot of those to look over) he heard a voice say, “Excuse me, do I need an appointment?”

Santa looked up, and blinked twice.  Standing in the door was a stuffed hippo!  “Come in, come in!”  He was delighted to see the hippo in a Santa hat and festive red scarf.  “I’ve just been singing a song about you!”

The cuddly plush hippo smiled and sat down.  “I know! That’s why I’m here.  I thought maybe a lot of people might like to have a Christmas hippo this year.  My name is Huggable C. Hippopotamus, but you can call me Huggy Hippo, Santa.”

Santa asked, “What does the C. stand for, Huggy?”  The big stuffed hippo smiled and said, “Why, it stands for Huggable Christmas Hippopotamus of course!”  Santa laughed his big, jolly laugh.

Huggy Hippo looked around and said, “I like it here, but do you think I’ll fit in?  I know this is Giant Teddy Bear Christmas Town. Will they want a hippopotamus for Christmas around here?”  Huggy waited for Santa to answer – he was so hopeful!  He loved Christmas Teddy Bears, and he wanted to be part of the most festive place on earth, if they wanted a Christmas hippo to join in all the fun and games of making people smile and feel happy.

“Huggy Hippo, you are definitely welcome here!  Everyone will be so excited to see a hippo for Christmas!”  Santa laughed again, so happy that such a cute Christmas hippo had come to see him this year.

Huggy reached up and straightened his scarf and hat – after all, he wanted to look perfect for Christmas; hippos are very particular about their Santa hats and scarves you know!

Santa looked over all the lists and showed Huggy Hippo all the names on the “Nice” list that had asked for a special stuffed Christmas hippo to come see them.  Huggy was going to be very busy indeed. There sure were a lot of names asking for a stuffed hippopotamus for Christmas this year

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