Four Occasions for a Giant Teddy Bear

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Do you enjoy giving presents?  Can you think of a few people who would love receiving a giant teddy bear?  There are tons of reasons to give gifts (sometimes the best reason is not having one at all!); we are proud to offer cuddly products here at and encourage you to give a gift on the following occasions.

Kids' birthday parties

Kids' birthday parties sometimes arrive with gift-giver anxiety.  What do you give as a great gift?  What will they love?
  Can you imagine your joy upon receiving a giant teddy bear in your younger years?!  This generation is no different.  While other friends and relatives are searching for creative gifts or opting for the obvious choices, you'll have a plan ready.

We have all kinds of variations regarding our giant teddy bear products.  We have 'teddys' ready for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, and graduations.  It is one thing to get a present on holidays, but putting in a bit more effort, getting a gift customized to the occasion, shows the receiver you care that much more!

For Adults
It shouldn't need mention that our giant teddy bear selections are great presents for little and big kids alike, yet we want to make sure you're thinking from all perspectives.  Stuffed animals are loved by people of all ages.  We often get orders for adults.  As referenced above, think outside the box upon your next opportunity to give a gift.  While all others may give "adult" gifts, you'll be amongst the favorites, providing a truly unique and thoughtful gift.

wonderful sentiment

When was the last time you gave someone a gift "just because?"  It's a wonderful sentiment to give someone a gift on birthdays, holidays, graduations, and other occasions, but it's truly thoughtful to extend a physical sentiment for no immediate reason at all.  Is someone having a hard time lately?  Did someone do you a favor?  Would you like someone special to know you're thinking of them?  Purchase a giant teddy bear for them!

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