Save Relationships with Personalized Teddy Bears

Thursday, October 13, 2011
Did you really mess up this time?  Did you forget a birthday or anniversary?  Did you say something you wish you could take back?  Did you act in one way but now realize you should have acted differently?  Don't worry about a potentially broken relationship.  Don't fret over the past; do something about the situation in the future.  Give personalized teddy bears as gifts, potentially reversing minor damage done to a relationship.

Missed Birthday
So you missed a birthday.  Worse things have happened in the world, yet you need to redeem yourself in the eyes of friends and family members.
 A belated vocal sentiment won't do the job. You need to send something special to compensate for your forgetfulness.  Personalized teddy bears say a lot and are enjoyed by people of all ages.

Lover's Quarrel
There wouldn't be lovers without quarrels.  The occasional "tiff" is an ironical staple of most romantic relationships.  Differences happen but the solidarity of the relationship is contingent on how each party involved goes about a resolution.  Personalized teddy bears present the option to say what your temporarily-estranged lover needs to hear.  Take some time to think about how you want to say you're "sorry."

Ignored Relative
Do you have a number of relatives who live remotely and "expect" the occasional phone call?  Has it been some time since you've called one of them?  On the surface, they're probably upset, gossiping about your neglect to other family members, yet they're probably just a little hurt.  Rather than continue to avoid calling, take a look at our personalized teddy bears and send them something special.

Can't Make It
Is there an upcoming celebration hosted by a friend or family member?  Is your attendance not a possibility?  Regardless of the excuse, some friends or family members could feel slighted.  Rather than keep your fingers crossed regarding your decline, send them an oversized, stuffed teddy bear.  Personalized teddy bears can't compensate for your absence, yet such sentiments let friends and family members know you care about them.

Is a current relationship on thin ice?  Don't wait for the cracks to accumulate.  Purchase one of our cuddly overstuffed teddy bears and save the relationship!

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