Personalized Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Let's Get Personal, Valentine 💞

There's nothing quite like a personalized Valentine's Day gift to show your sweetheart how special they are! At Giant Teddy, we've got some really... GIANT ways to send a message of love. We've put some of our favorites in this Personalized Valentine's Day Gift Guide, and you can find them all and more in our special Valentine's Day Shop on 
6ft "Be Mine" Coco Cuddles White Giant Teddy Bear

Perfectly Personalized... Giant Teddy Bears with your 3-5 word message printed on their shirts

These adorable teddy bears are perfect messengers of love for someone special. Available in lots of color and size choices, your gift will be one-of-a-kind and remembered forever. 

*Shirts are removable and hand washable. 

Adorable Diamond Shags silver grey teddy bear is personalized with your 3-5 word message AND includes a big "I love you" message heart!

You'll create Panda-monium with this personalized Giant Teddy panda bear! Available in 4ft, 5ft & 6ft sizes on

Just say "Awww!" now! Huge true red teddy Bear Bitsy Cuddles in a unique heart shirt design with 3-5 words of personalization space. Your Valentine will love one!

Smooches are sure to follow when your sweetheart gets this huge 6ft Valentine's Day Teddy Bear in a "Kiss Me" shirt design, with 3-5 words from you printed underneath. 

Sunny Cuddles 6ft personalized teddy bear from

When you want a personalized teddy bear but might need it to be more platonic, how about our gold paw print shirt design with space for 3-5 words? Shown here with 4ft Bitsy Cuddles red teddy bear.

Cha Cha Big Love is hot pink and ready to take your personalized message to someone special!

Personalized Bears in SO many designs, sizes & styles!
 We have sizes from 2ft (24in) all the way to 6ft (72in) and everything in between - you're sure to find your Valentine's favorite on 

One of our all time best selling personalized Valentine's Day teddy bears! 6ft Coco Cuddles white bear in a big red heart shirt with 3-5 words from you. Available in lots of other colors, too, and sizes 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft.
White-Pink-Dk.Brown-Light Brown-Mocha & more!
We're all about choices at which is why we have SO many colors (17+) sizes & styles to choose from, like purple DeeDee Cuddles shown here in our 6ft (72in) size.

For something fun & unique this Valentine's Day, how about one of our Personalized Boxer Bears? Cute boxer shorts with a heart and 3-5 words personalization from you! Available in Pink, White, Cream, Light Amber Brown, Mocha Brown and Dark Brown fur colors on
Personalized Boxer Bear Sunny Cuddles, Mocha Brown Fur, 6ft size

48in (4ft) Brownie Cuddles is SO sweet! Shown here in a small red heart shirt design with space for your personal message underneath. Brownie is available in more sizes, with and without personalized shirts.

Our Favorite "Semi Personalized" Valentine's Day Teddy Bears!

We offer some ADORABLE bears in semi-personalized shirts, where you are choosing from phrases to have printed, or adding a single name. Find them all in our Valentine's Day Shop and Personalized Teddy Bears. 

Brownie Cuddles is shown here in our 60in (5ft) size wearing an, "I <3 Name" shirt - you tell us what name to print! Available in other sizes and bear fur colors.

Close-up of our "HappyValentine's Day" triple heart shirt. Choose from one of our many names/endearments/phrases to have printed in the "your choice here" section, and also choose your bear fur color - 7 choices!
*Message Choices shown below.

Coco Cuddles (white) and Sunny Cuddles (mocha) shown wearing our "Your Choice" Triple Heart shirt design. Choose from a 4ft or 5ft teddy bear and 7 fur colors, as well as choose from our message choices.

Available in 7 Fur Color Choices - 6 Foot Teddy Bears for Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day message, plus another phrase you can choose from our choices (shown below)

Choices to have printed on the above 2 styles (you'll use a pull-down menu to select on our website):
Baby girl
Beautiful Angel
Best Friend
From your Boyfriend
From your Husband
Lovely Fiance
Lovely Wife
My Beautiful Wife
My Love
My Queen
Woman of My Dreams

Personalized with our Message

We've taken the pressure off you with these adorable choices! Perfect for your Valentine. 

Will you be my Valentine? Classic and sweet! Available on many sizes & fur colors in our Valentine's Day shop.

Be Mine. Always a hit on Valentine's Day - shown here on Brownie Cuddles, and below on Coco Cuddles (white) but available on other colors and sizes, too. 

Classic "Happy Valentine's Day" with a cute little cupid.
Available on bears 4ft & 5ft in 7 colors
(shown above on Coco Cuddles white, shown below on 5ft Cozy Cuddles, vanilla cream.)

Get right to the point with this "Let's Kiss" lip print design!
Shown here on 6ft pink Lady Cuddles.

I <3 You... how can you go wrong?
Shown here on 6ft Cozy Cuddles vanilla cream Giant Teddy bear.

Personalize ANY Giant Teddy bear - add a shirt, or a message heart set, or both!

We really are all about choices...add one of the shirts from our T-Shirt Gallery to any bear on our website (sized specifically for teddy bears, may not be available for other animal friends we sell) to make your own personalized gift. 

Create Your Own... choose a design from our t-shirt gallery and add it to any teddy bear on our website for the perfect one-of-a-kind gift!

We also have some fun Message Heart Pillows to choose from! Come see all the choices we have. 

Huge Red Heart Body Pillow and 2ft "I love you" shirt white teddy bear gift set.
Heart Message Pillows on

Happy Valentine's Day 
from all  of us
Giant Teddy
((Bear Hugs))

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