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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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 ðŸ’  Valentine's Day   ðŸ’
Gift Guide For Her

Valentine's Day... almost every girl's heart beats a little faster at the thought of February 14th! If you have a special lady - of any age - in your life, we've got some amazing & cuddly gift ideas on our website,, that are sure to steal her heart. Flowers & candy? Those are nice... but they don't last. Your love is forever, so shouldn't your gift be, too? 

And if you don't have a special person to give you something, be your own Valentine! You're special all on your own. 

You can always send an UN-Valentine if you or your friends are taking a pass on love this year... a big cuddly teddy bear will never let you down!

Make sure your gift arrives on time! We'll post Valentine's Day schedules on our Shipping Page so you don't miss order deadlines for the big day. 

Here are some of our favorite categories for Valentine's Day gifts. If you need help finding items on our website, use our handy "Search" feature, or Contact Us for assistance. 

Personalized Gifts for your Valentine

A personalized gift on Valentine's Day shows a lot of thought and love. These are perfect for a friend, family member, or the one who holds your heart. Available in lots of styles, colors, and sizes 2ft (24in) up to 6ft (72in) we know you'll find the perfect one. Here are some of our staff favorites for inspiration, and find even more choices in our Valentine's Day Personalized Gifts section. 

6ft White Coco Cuddles Personalized Valentine's Day Teddy Bear from (available in other sizes & colors)

Brownie Cuddles in a personalized shirt - up to 5 words!

Always a winner - add your sweetheart's first name to this adorable personalized Valentine's Day Teddy Bear! Available in lots of sizes up to 6 feet, and over 10 super soft fur colors.

3-5 words of personalization on this sweet design. 

Create your own Personalized Valentine's Day Teddy Bear! Add this "Be Mine" shirt, with 3-5 words of personalization, to any bear on for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift.

Cha Cha Big Love is hot pink, with hearts on her foot and a personalized heart shirt - perfect for your Valentine!

More Personalized Choices, including a Sneak Peak at our newest
Boxer Brief Bears


How cute! Personalized boxer shorts (removable) are sized especially for our life size teddy bears. Choice of fur colors. 

Gifts With Heart for your Sweetheart

Valentine's Day is all about love, and we've got some big cuddly bears and animals who arrive with a plush heart in tow - or you can even get the hearts as gifts by themselves! They make fun decorating conversation pieces in offices, dorm rooms, bedrooms or anywhere. Take a peek at some of our favorites, but you can find even more choices in the Valentine's Day shopping section of our website. 

What?! Yes, a huge heart body pillow! We have a fun gift set with this pillow and a cuddly bear with a huggable pillow style body. (Or choose 1 of 2 sizes of heart body pillows without a bear.) So many fun gifts on! 
If you have to be apart... for 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days, 10 weeks... we know it is hard to love from afar, so we paired this "I Miss You So Much" heart pillow with our biggest & most popular bear, Sunny Cuddles in the 72in/6ft size. 

For Polar Bear fans, a big "I Love You" heart makes the perfect combination for a cuddly cute Valentine.

This cute plush heart says, "Happy Valentine's Day" in beautiful black embroidery with an adorable little cupid in white. Shown here with our 6ft Sunny Cuddles teddy bear, this heart is available with other bears, too.

For the girly girl of any age, a purple teddy bear and a giant pink heart with "I Love you THIS much" on it make a great Valentine's Day gift. 

Classic Red & White for Valentine's Day! A huge, fluffy white teddy bear holding an equally huge "I love you THIS much!" red heart pillow. Perfect!

Create some Panda-monium this Valentine's Day with one of our giant Panda Bears holding an "I love you" heart. Sizes 4, 5 and 6ft available (but this category almost always sells out before February 14th!)

A BEARY winning combination! A personalized Giant Teddy bear for Valentine's Day holding an "I love you" plush red heart. Win-Win!

Giant Teddy bears are adorable in any language - send one of our cuddly Te Amo bears to say "I love you" in Spanish for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's For All Relationship Levels

Sometimes you need a gift for someone special that doesn't say the usual "I love you" for Valentine's Day. We've got you covered. 

This cute teddy bear is big in size & your Valentine will get the message! "Let's Kiss" pillow for romance at any level of relationship status. Perfect.

Be Mine is a classic Valentine sentiment to send someone special! Brownie Cuddles makes the perfect delivery bear to hold it, too, with his cute red bow tie he's ready for the big day.

This cute bear is Juju Cuddles - super soft black fur, plush brown nose, and a blue heart with "Big Hug" embroidered on the front make this gift ideal for a Valentine of love or friendship.

Let's Kiss pillow in yellow - unique, just like your Valentine!
(Adorable huge 52in bear included, yay!)

Your Valentine rocks... the heart says so! "You Rock" pink heart and our sweet Baby Tubs bear has dark chocolate brown fur that's so huggable and cuddly. (He rocks, too.)

Beyond Bears...other cuddly friends for Valentine's Day

We're more than just adorable life size teddy bears - check out some of our other sweet, oversized stuffed animals perfect for your Valentine!

Stampy our 4ft Elephant with a red "I love you" heart for your Valentine!

How about one of our cute gorillas in a Love shirt?

Hip-Hippo-Hooray! A sweet stuffed hippo holding a lavender "I love you" plush heart might be perfect for your Valentine.

We don't monkey around when it comes to adorable. Oh wait, yes we do!
This sweet 3ft monkey is Silly Sammy & he comes with this red "I love you" heart for Valentine's Day.

Koalas aren't actually bears, but they sure are cute! And for Valentine's Day, we've included this red "I love you" heart for the perfect gift set.

Steal Her Heart with a Heart

We love the idea of love, so we are creating a line of giant stuffed hearts and Heart Pillow Pairs that make great gifts anytime but on Valentine's Day they'll be sure winners! 

*Some will include teddy bears or other animals as a gift set, or you can add a heart pair to any teddy bear order. Or order hearts all on their own! We're all about options at
When you love her this much - a giant stuffed heart is a very unique gift idea! Only on

Our new Pillow Pairs are awesome! You get 2 pillows, with different messages embroidered on the front, or 1 message pillow and 1 solid pillow. This set includes a "He Loves Me" pillow and a solid red pillow.

Some close-ups of other heart pillows available as Pillow Pairs (aren't they cute?) 

Another look at Pillow Pairs!
This is how the pillow size in our Pillow Pairs looks next to a life size bear and a person. 

This giant heart body pillow is available in 2 huge sizes!

A note about quality: Giant Teddy is made in the USA. We are located in sunny Anaheim, California, and we stuff every teddy bear, animal friend, and heart with love. You won't find our brand in stores, and we don't try to compete with big box discount retailers who offer a few large stuffed animals. We have more sizes, more colors, more styles, personalization, uniqueness, and the most chubby, cuddly, super soft adorable teddy bears anywhere on earth. We think the people you love are worth it, and we stand behind everything with our Paw of Honor Guarantee. 

Happy Valentine's Day from all the bears & humans at 
Giant Teddy  
((Bear Hugs))

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