National Dessert Day: A Giant Teddy Photo Blog

Friday, October 14, 2016
It's National Dessert Day (hey - isn't that every day?) AND Friday... what will today bring for Giant Teddy bear Shaggy Cuddles?

Let's find out...

Carrots or Cupcake? It's the age old your inner bear for the right answers, Shaggy Cuddles

The answer is clear. I'm not a bunny. I'm a big cuddly teddy bear. I need to keep my huggable figure. Cupcake. CUPCAKE! ALWAYS cupcake!

Chocolatey cupcake goodness...that's right, come to Papa!

Nothing but crumbs. And that's how it's done. Happy National Dessert Day from Shaggy Cuddles & all the bears & humans at

If you'd like your own Giant Teddy bear to eat cupcakes with and celebrate random silly holidays, visit us at to meet all our bears sizes 2-6ft tall in lots of colors and styles. 

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