Halloween Teddy Bears Share Spooky Trivia

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hi! I'm Sunny Cuddles, a big cuddly bear from Giant Teddy. My bear friends and I think Halloween is lots of fun, so we have some special personalized shirts we wear and even some costumes. You can meet all the Halloween Teddy Bears on our website.

If you love Halloween, here is some fun trivia for you - and you may even know a lot of these facts already!

Did you know...

  • Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic people of Ireland and northern France.

  • Before pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns, people carved turnips and potatoes & used candles inside to ward off evil spirits on Halloween.

  • Ancient Celts thought evil spirits wandered the earth on Halloween night intent on harming humans (luckily not teddy bears), so they began wearing masks and costumes to confuse the spirits walking among them. 

  • Halloween is second only to Christmas in popularity and retail holiday sales. 

  • Halloween candy sales average over 2 BILLION dollars in the US every year, with chocolate topping the list of favorite candy. It's possible my bear friends and I contribute to those sales...
  • Halloween colors are usually orange and black - orange for the harvest and black for darkness and death. Hold me, now I've scared myself.

  • Halloween is also called All Hallow's Eve, because it is the night before All Hallow's Day, or All Saint's Day on November 1. All Soul's Day is November 2. November 1 is also Samhain, the day ancient Celts declared the start of winter. There's a lot of history to remember with this since Halloween has been celebrated in one form or another for over 2000 years. 

Shaggy Cuddles Halloween Teddy bear from GiantTeddy.com

But the MOST important thing to know is this: if your teddy bear asks you for candy, you have to share. It's Teddy Bear law. You wouldn't want to break that, would you?

Happy Halloween from all the bears and humans at GiantTeddy.com

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