Giant Teddy Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
It's the most wonderful time of the year - and an adorable cuddly teddy bear gift for her will make it extra special.

We're here to help with some bearrific ideas from Giant Teddy brand in our Ultimate Giant Teddy Bear Gift Guide for Her. 

You may have noticed that life size teddy bears are so popular right now, and Giant Teddy brand offers you some amazing choices in sizes, colors and styles.

So for the holidays, you could get her clothes or jewelry - or you could get her something cuddly to remind her of you whenever you can't be there to give her a hug!

We have so many styles, colors and sizes it would be impossible to list them all in this guide, but here are some of the favorite Giant Teddy Bear Gifts for Her our customers are purchasing this year:

Sunny Cuddles 6ft Mocha Teddy Bear OUR MOST POPULAR BEAR!

Lady Cuddles 72in (6ft) Pink Teddy Bear (She was on "Modern Family")

Video: Seeing is believing!

Lady Cuddles pink teddy bear from Giant Teddy on ABC's "Modern Family"

Rocky Xiong 6ft Panda Bear - Black & White & Adorable!

Giant Panda 6ft Tall

Coco Cuddles 72in Personalized (6ft) White Teddy Bear
A personalized Teddy Bear from Giant Teddy makes holidays extra special and memorable

DeeDee Cuddles 72in (6ft) Purple Teddy Bear
What girl wouldn't love a life size purple teddy bear like DeeDee Cuddles?

Daisy Cuddles 72in (6ft) Yellow Teddy Bear NEW COLOR!
Daisy Cuddles life size 6ft yellow teddy bear from Giant Teddy brand

VIDEO! Cozy Cuddles 72in (6ft) Vanilla Cream Life Size Teddy Bear

Lulu Shags 45in Pink Teddy Bear (She was on "Mike & Molly" and "Royal Pains" tv shows)

Lulu Shags on CBS's "Mike & Molly" tv show

Personalized 56in ChaCha Big Love Hot Pink Teddy Bear
That's a HUGE hot pink teddy bear personalized with your 3-5 word message from Giant Teddy brand

BooBoo Shags is 27in (just over 2ft tall) and for us, he's a "little guy" even though he's bigger than most teddy bears! He is always a favorite with the ladies every year. 
27in Giant Teddy brand BooBoo Shags Vanilla Cream teddy bear

Find her the perfect teddy bear with our handy 
shopping links:

Giant Teddy Brand 6 Foot Life Size Teddy Bears 

Shop For Her Favorite Color Teddy Bear

Shop By Size for Giant Teddy Bears 2ft - 6ft tall

Whatever gift you choose, give it with love in your heart and it will be perfect for her.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all the Bears & Humans at Giant Teddy!

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