Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day: Giant Teddy Bear Career Photo Blog

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
It's Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day! 

On some calendars it is today, October 14th and on some it was Sunday October 11th, but why not celebrate it more than one day?

Giant Teddy bears love going to work, and they have one of the best jobs in the world: making people smile.

Teddy bears are huggable and adorable and RARELY bring office drama (unless they steal your lunch - you do have to watch out for that) so we highly recommend having one in your office to bring up morale. It's hard to be a grump around a big cuddly teddy bear!

Need your own office teddy bear mascot? Visit GiantTeddy.com and find the perfect bear to brighten up your work days in your home or corporate office.

Here is our photo blog of some of our Giant Teddy Bears at work!

Take Your Teddy Bear To Work - fun things will happen!
Randy Shags, Giant Red Teddy Bear

She's a rock and roller at heart! Pink Lady Cuddles Life Size Teddy Bear

Heading to the office...might as well roll in style!

Some Giant Teddy bears making hospital staff smile before being handed out to pediatric cancer patients. Hug therapy is never a bad diagnosis.

Cutie Chubs, Snow Boarding Instructor

Lulu Shags from Giant Teddy starring on TV show, "Mike & Molly" 

Tiny Shags from Giant Teddy appearing on TV show, "Big Brother"

His Teddy Bear Reports are Overdue again...we're looking into a Time Management course for him, but it's difficult what with the 3 hour lunches and 8 snack breaks a day. 

He claims WorkBear Comp for an "office accident" but we think he was trying to catch a donut that was rolling off his desk.
Sunny Cuddles at the Chiropractor

Considering a job as a Tour Guide
Cutie Chubs Giant Teddy Bear

Giant Teddy Bear Cookie Baker...now that's sweet x2!

Trying to corner the lemonade stand market. Sunny & Cozy Cuddles, Giant Teddy Bear Business Entrepreneurs 

Sunny Cuddles, Giant Teddy Bear Donut Inspector (pretty much his dream job...)

It's not all fun and glamour....someone has to make the copies

This happens daily. He really wants us to build him the George Costanza desk from "Seinfeld" with a complete napping center underneath...

Giant Teddy Bear Beach Patrol...such a rough job!

A secret look into the brain center of Giant Teddy HQ...this is where teddy bear magic happens!

Water Cooler Gossip

Tape can be a work hazard when you are a giant fluffy teddy bear...Cozy Cuddles in our Shipping Dept

Workplace Harassment on Wednesdays

Giant Teddy Bear staff meetings are always interesting...

Sugar Tubs helping out in our Giant Teddy Customer Service Dept.

6ft Lady Cuddles with April Samuels of "Breast Cancer Can Stick It"
(Sanders Photography Photo Credit)

Somebody is heading for detention at school...

Coffee Break! Some might call it a whole cheesecake but he calls it a small morning snack...

Sunny Cuddles, male model

Is it 5 yet??

Sprinkle Chubs, Giant Teddy Bear Tennis Pro
You should see her leap the net!

Lulu Shags, Giant Teddy Bear Nurse

We hope you enjoyed our Teddy Bears at Work Photo Blog! Come meet them all on our website - and have fun at work.

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