Giant Teddy Bears Race for the Cure: Komen OC 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Team Giant Teddy: Bears & Humans Racing for a Cure at the 2015 Susan G. Komen OC event

On a beautiful Sunday in late September, Team Giant Teddy participated in the Susan G. Komen OC Race for the Cure event here in California as part of our Breast Cancer Awareness campaign this year.  
Giant Teddy Team Komen OC Race for the Cure

Lady Cuddles fell in love with this adorable little pink car in the parking garage and never even made it to the race. We had to tell her it wasn't in fact for her to drive home... even if she's big enough to reach the pedals!
A 6ft Pink Teddy Bear totally deserves an adorable pink car! -Lady Cuddles from

Lulu Shags in one of our custom Giant Teddy Bear Breast Cancer Awareness shirts

Lulu Shags acted as our Team Captain - she loves to help worthy causes especially those involving pink! Lulu has been on several TV shows. You can read her bio on our Bear Paw Walk of Fame.
27in Lulu Shags pink teddy bear from

Team Giant Teddy gathered in the new Komen OC Team Tailgate area before the race. The bears said we need to get a team tent for next year so they can really get our team spirit going. 
Team Giant Teddy! Some of the humans and teddy bears getting warmed up for the Komen OC Race for the Cure.

All our humans had a great time this year, and were happy some of our smaller bears could make it out and join us during the race (the biggest teddy bears cheered us on from the office and the sidelines.) 

Our thanks to Stacy Davis and all the great staff and volunteers at Komen OC for helping Team Giant Teddy participate in fabulous fun furry style. For more information, please visit

For Breast Cancer Awareness in October, we will be donating 10% of every pink teddy bear sale to Komen OC to help them continue in their outreach, education and cure efforts. 

Giant Teddy will donate 10% of all pink teddy bear sales in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month

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