Sunny Cuddles Goes to School - Giant Teddy at Stone Oak Elementary

Friday, November 21, 2014
If you know Sunny Cuddles, you won't be TOO surprised to find out he's in the principal's office. After all, he does love to get into "high spirited mischief" according to his permanent record.

Principal Elisabeth Krimbill welcomes new teddy bear student Sunny Cuddles to Stone Oak Elementary

But this time, he's with the principal registering to be the new Library Teddy Bear at Stone Oak Elementary!

Sunny has promised to be VERY quiet while he's in the library - and not to bring any snacks in (that will be hard for him, but he's close to the cafeteria, so...)

Uh-oh. Look who's already sleeping in class... Nobody wants you to be THAT quiet, Sunny!

Principal Krimbill asks Kristi if she can wake Sunny up and be his book buddy.

He'll be hanging out reading with students, suggesting great books, and improving his own reading skills.

Kristi & Sunny Cuddles enjoying a book (he needed some help sounding out a word.)

Sunny at School is part of Giant Teddy's "Giving Back" initiative. We are a small company with a big heart - we wish we could donate to every worthy cause out there but we can't, so each year we select several causes to support with our life-size teddy bears. One of our favorites is elementary school libraries, where our bears help kids learn a lifelong love of reading and books.

We know Sunny Cuddles will love his new school and all the great teachers, administrators and kids there who will all love him right back. 

Sunny Cuddles is a big happy teddy bear surrounded by books at the Stone Oak Elementary Library

Congratulations Stone Oak Elementary on your great record of learning excellence!

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