Luxury Gift Guide for Her by Giant Teddy

Saturday, November 15, 2014
Welcome to the 2014 Giant Teddy Luxury Gift Guide for Her!

Holiday giving is extra fun when you are looking for luxury gifts of indulgence. Here are a few of our favorite things - teddy bear and otherwise - to make her heart melt this Christmas & Holiday Season.

Luxury Life Size Teddy Bears from Giant Teddy brand make Awesome Holiday Gifts
Mocha brown Sunny Cuddles & Red Bitsy Cuddles life size 6' teddy bears from Giant Teddy brand

Giant Teddy makes some of the most luxurious giant life size teddy bears on the planet with 6 teddy bear family styles, a rainbow of beautiful soft fur colors, sizes up to 6 feet tall, personalization to make your gift one-of-a-kind, a complimentary full-size greeting card with your message inside and free shipping for the US 48. That's luxury. Going to the local warehouse store and picking up the one style big bear they offer? Not so luxury.

Here's a tiny peek at what you'll find at Giant Teddy this season:

Giant Teddy's Bitsy Cuddles

Life Size Red Teddy Bear
Personalized (5 words)
Available in sizes up to 6 feet tall
(shown 5' 5in - $164.99)
Bitsy Cuddles
Life Size teddy bear red hot Bitsy Cuddles from Giant Teddy

Giant Teddy's DeeDee Cuddles
Life Size Purple Teddy Bear
Available in sizes up to 6 feet tall
(shown: 5' tall $149.99)
DeeDee Cuddles

Giant Teddy brand life size purple teddy bear DeeDee Cuddles

Giant Teddy's Waldo Shags
Life Size Jumbo White Teddy Bear
Available in Sizes up to 52in
(Shown: 52in)
Waldo Shags

Jumbo teddy bear Waldo Shags plush white fur Giant Teddy brand

Giant Teddy's Rocky Xiong
Life Size Panda Bear
6 feet tall
*Other Giant Teddy brand panda bears available in smaller sizes
$209.99 (on sale for $179.99)
Rocky Xiong

6 foot stuffed panda bear from Giant Teddy brand

Giant Teddy's Sugar Tubs
Grey Life Size Teddy Bear
(shown: 65in equal to 5' 5in)
Available in smaller sizes
Holiday Sale: $199.99 (regularly $299.99, save $100)
Sugar Tubs

Huge life size grey teddy bear Sugar Tubs from Holiday Sale

Giant Teddy's Smiley Chubs
Life Size Cream Teddy Bear
Shown: 65in
On Sale $199.99
*other sizes available
Smiley Chubs

How big is a 6' Teddy Bear? Even bigger than a person that height because of the cuddly, tubby bear body and huge head, arms & legs! Hurry to for all our great sales before Santa and the elves buy it all for their Nice List.

Here are a few favorite luxury gifts in the non-teddy bear category from retailers you know and trust:

Valentino Small Alice Tote in Red
Found On: Saks Fifth Avenue $2795

Lunares Top Hat Champagne Cooler
Perfect for New Year's Eve toasting to her beauty
Found On: Neiman Marcus $189

Sydney Evan "love" necklace in rose gold, small
Found On: Neiman Marcus $840

Alexander McQueen upside down skull muffler scarf black/ivory
Found On: Neiman Marcus $550

Alessandro Mandruzzato Murano Glass Perfume Bottle
Found On: Bergdorf Goodman $595

Whatever luxury gift you get her, give it with love. Happy Holidays from all the bears and humans at Giant Teddy!

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