When is the First Day of Fall this year?

Sunday, September 21, 2014
When Does Fall Start This Year?

All the Giant Teddy bears have been arguing about when the first day of fall is this year. Some say Monday, September 22 and some say Tuesday, September 23.
Sunny Cuddles is a big teddy bear who loves Fall & Halloween!

Which one? When does fall actually start?

The answer is complicated according to the experts. The reason is the timing - based on Universal Time it happens in the wee hours of Tuesday, but based on Eastern Time in the US, it happens at 10:29pm on Monday.

If you want the complete and OFFICIAL explanation, this one is great:

But all the big cuddly bears at our office have decided to celebrate fall on BOTH days! They love fall, with crisp air and changing leaves, and pumpkins everywhere. They love all the delicious fall treats like apple cider and pumpkin pie. And they love Halloween.

Brownie Cuddles holding his Happy Halloween orange plush heart - he's ready for fall!

So from all the humans & bears, Happy First Day of Fall... twice!

Happy Fall from Giant Teddy!

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