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Personality Quiz: What kind of Donut R U?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Life looks better through a donut. --Sunny Cuddles, Giant Teddy bear

Sunny Cuddles is a donut fiend. If you've ever met him (he's a giant teddy bear with super soft mocha brown fur, usually with crumbs on his mouth from his latest snack) you already know that.

Here's his Personality Test to find out what kind of inner donut YOU are! 

And here are a few of Sunny's favorite donut pictures (sometimes he spells it Doughnut!)

Donuts! I'll Share! (he's a generous teddy bear)

These are a few of my favorite things... donut essentials, should get me through the afternoon. (Sunny Cuddles is a donut addict)

Picking up a few office supplies...mmm, Entenmanns donuts, perfect for a big snacky teddy bear like Sunny Cuddles

Don't believe him if he claims he's "Quality Control" tasting agent for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. (but it is one of his fantasy jobs... aside from being an adorable big teddy bear of course.)

He was going all "filled" donuts that day, jelly and cream. He has his moods. (Sunny Cuddles from Giant Teddy pictured, about to gobble up some Krispy Kreme donuts.)

If you'd like to meet Sunny Cuddles or any of the other big bears from GiantTeddy.com, drop by anytime and say HI! We make some of the biggest, softest teddy bears in the world and they all make awesome BBFs (Best Bear Friends.) 

College Teddy Bears ease the loneliness!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Giant Teddy bears know that heading off to college is an amazing time full of adventure, new experiences... and sometimes, loneliness. 

College is a fun time but can be lonely. Shown: Baby Tubs 3 1/2 foot teddy bear with "I Miss You" heart from GiantTeddy.com

Your college student might be living in a dorm with people they barely know, away from the love of home for the first time. And the family back home may be struggling with that empty place at the dinner table too.

GiantTeddy.com has soft bears in all sizes & colors...find the one your student will love!

Why don't you try Project College Teddy Bear with Giant Teddy? It will help your college student feel loved and make the whole family feel closer!

Step 1. 
Pick a bear from Giant Teddy that your college student will love. We have bears in so many styles, sizes and colors you are sure to find the perfect bear friend.

You can even add a personalized shirt on your bear with a special message from home, the name of the college, your student's name, etc. (5-7 words max.) Ask us for details if you need help personalizing your Giant Teddy bear info@giantteddy.com

One of our Giant Teddy bears modeling a graduation style personalized shirt - we offer many styles for every occasion! Just ask us. 

Step 2.
Have the bear sent to your home first. Take pictures with the bear sitting at the family dinner table, watching favorite TV shows with the family, sleeping in your college student's room at home and any other places and things that will bring them fond memories.

Step 3.
Send your Giant Teddy bear and all the photos to your college student in a fun care pack. You can include a gift card for a store, or some cookies (although we must warn you the bear might get snacky on the trip...) to ease the loneliness of being away at school. Add a note to let them know the bear is their link to all the things they love at home so they can feel that with them at college.

Step 4. 
Ask your college student to send pictures of the bear in the college dorm or apartment and any other fun places your student hangs out, like the library, since of course your student is studying non-stop (discreet cough) so that your family back home can also feel connected to your student's new life in college!


You can send a Giant Teddy directly to your favorite college student for a sweet surprise anytime during the year.

Giant Teddy bears are all about being soft, cuddly and lovable. Their job is to spread joy and comfort to everyone they meet. They are excellent at keeping your secrets, being there to offer a hug in good times and when you feel blue, and you've never met a quieter study buddy!

College students may be "grown up" and on their own, but we all need to feel the love and comfort of home now and then. Sending a sweet teddy bear friend who can share this amazing time in their lives is a great way to remind them you are always with them - no matter how far away you might live.

Stop by GiantTeddy.com and get Project College Teddy Bear going today! All of our big bears would love to go to college and make someone beary happy.

And don't forget the back to school students still living at home! They'd all love a special teddy bear study buddy, too.

Back to School is more fun with a Giant Teddy bear! Sunny Cuddles is having trouble with his homework it seems...

Our bears are in sizes from 18in to life size bears 6 feet tall and every size in between! Find a fun friend for back to school and college at Giant Teddy.

Sunny Cuddles, Free Shipping & a Pie Fork

Monday, August 18, 2014

Giant Teddy bears, Free Shipping, pie forks... it will all make sense in a minute. 

If you've ever met Sunny Cuddles or followed his many Giant Teddy adventures, you know he is a bit of a foodie.

And by "a bit of," we mean total and complete. He's a very snacky bear.

He's also a very sweet and cuddly teddy bear, which is lucky, since it makes it hard for the rest of the big teddy bears to get upset when he ignores his work in favor of his big tubby teddy tummy.

Today was pretty typical in the world of oversized teddy bears.

Sunny Cuddles, adorable mocha brown Giant Teddy bear, is having a meeting in his office with several other bears. Under discussion? How easy it is to get a big teddy bear delivered to you using Giant Teddy's Free Shipping option.

While brainstorming ideas on how to share the news about Free Shipping, the other bears notice Sunny start rummaging in his desk drawer for something... uh-oh. He's got his pie fork.

Sunny Cuddles is one of the softest big mocha brown Giant Teddy bears we know. And also one of the snackiest...he keeps a giant pie fork in his desk. "For Emergencies"

Sunny Cuddles abruptly gets up from his desk and is last seen heading down the hall towards the Giant Teddy kitchen and break room.

Huge teddy bears look adorable in our personalized teddy bear t-shirts... Sunny Cuddles loves to wear his "Pawesome" shirt around town (seen here from behind as he walks towards the kitchen...) 

He's found, in the kitchen, pie fork in paw, with a half-eaten cherry pie.

"I cannot tell a lie... I chopped down this cherry pie and ate it and I'm not sorry." --Sunny Cuddles, giant mocha brown teddy bear

He looks up, shrugs and says, "I cannot tell a lie - I really wanted cherry pie."

And then he ate the rest.

It isn't exactly a George Washington learning moment... but it was about cherries and telling the truth.

And jumbo teddy bears with jumbo snack habits, free shipping, and pie forks. We hope it is all clear now.

Just a typical day at Giant Teddy. (It's a fun place!)

Meet Sunny Cuddles and all his huge bear friends on GiantTeddy.com and take advantage of Free Shipping* while you're there!

*Restrictions Apply - see website for details. Eating pie or other snacks while shopping is optional. 

Reasons for Being Late on Friday: A Sunny Cuddles Teddy Bear Top 10

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Top 10 Excuses Sunny Cuddles gives for being late on Fridays

He's cute, adorable and cuddly with his soft mocha brown teddy bear fur and sweet face. But he's always late on Fridays!

Sunny Cuddles is a very popular Giant Teddy bear. He loves to have fun, loves to eat, gets into lots of mischief... and he's always late on Fridays. See if any of his excuses work for you!

10. I let a human set my alarm clock and they put in the wrong time (they're all thumbs, poor things.)

9. I was completely on time, and then the President called to ask my advice about something Top Secret. I HAD to take the call.

8. I accidentally ripped Friday off with Thursday's page on my Donuts of the World daily calendar and so I assumed it was Saturday. These things happen. We'll laugh about it later.

7. It was total chaos... a chicken was trying to cross the road and traffic was backed up for miles. (I don't know why he was trying to cross the road though.)

6. I was pulled over and the police seized my car for a high speed chase after a desperate criminal (I think it may have turned out to be that chicken, who was crossing the road after a bank heist, but I'm not sure.)

5. I kept waiting for a Boy Scout to help me cross the street safely but nobody ever showed up.

4. My teddy bear horoscope told me that being on time would set off a chain of events that would bring catastrophe to everyone around me. I could NOT do that to all of my friends and co-workers.

3. It is Take Your Bunny Slippers to Work Day and I could only find one of my slippers. I finally found the other one in the fridge next to the chocolate pudding. True Story.

2. I was kidnapped by aliens... and probed. Please don't make me speak of it. Let's just move on with the meeting, I'll be fine. Eventually. But there's no need to take me out for lunch to make me feel normal again. What? You didn't offer to take me to lunch? Oh. They said my hearing might be "off" for a bit.

1. I was waiting for the "Hot Donuts" sign to come on at Krispy Kreme.

Sunny Cuddles is a huge brown teddy bear who LOVES his donuts! 

Well... we believe one of those excuses!

Happy Friday, whatever you are up to!

You can meet Sunny Cuddles and all of his big bear friends at GiantTeddy.com - they make the most huggable gifts you've ever seen (but be sure you invite one home to live with you too!)

Super Moon Sunday: Shocking Secrets & Cool Links from Super Bear

Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's me, Super Bear and Today is Super Moon Sunday! 

Super Moon Sunday - everyone will be watching the night sky... and they just might see Super Bear fly across the moon on a teddy bear adventure!

That means that today, the moon will be closer to earth than normal, and the full moon will be huge & bright.

And you know Giant Teddy bears love anything giant and bigger than average (moons, pizzas, donuts - round things of all kinds.)

Shocking Secret: The Super Moon doesn't wear underwear. How else can it "moon" you? (waiting for laughter...why do I hear silence? Hello? Anyone?)

Cool Links for Super Moon Stuff:
What time is Moonrise?
Watch it live!
Super Moon Explained

Be sure you are looking towards the east for moonrise tonight - use this handy tool for finding out what time it happens where you live.  What time is Moonrise?

Then look up a few hours later when it is high in the sky. (Weird but it is technically "full" early this afternoon. I know, that confuses me too.)

You might see me fly by on an adventure, you never know. I have my cape dusted off and ready to go, just in case I'm needed to solve a world crisis or help a teddy bear pick up a dropped sandwich (also a crisis, especially if it was a Super Sandwich.)

You can also watch it all happen live on the Slooh observatory website if you have clouds or rain tonight. While watching you can tweet questions live to #SloohMegaMoon

The countdown is already showing (and you can go back and see meteor showers later this week.)

And if you sleep through it or miss it, the moon will be huge again tomorrow night!

Be sure you grab your Giant Teddy bear for your moon watching tonight - and if you don't have a big cuddly bear friend, stop by our website, GiantTeddy.com. They are rare and awesome, just like the Super Moon.

That handsome Sunny Cuddles from Giant Teddy waiting on the Super Moon - he's a super kind of teddy bear! 

I'm a Teddy Bear with a Cookie Eating Problem (the problem is I get caught)

Friday, August 8, 2014

I don't know how these things keep happening to me. I mean, all the big bears at Giant Teddy KNOW how I feel about freshly-baked cookies.

And cookie dough.

And eating.

Is anyone else hungry?

Oh wait, wasn't I telling you a story?

That's right, about how I got into trouble with some cookies.

I'm so adorable, all big and cuddly with super soft mocha brown fur (that looks a lot like milk-chocolate chips) I don't know how anyone can think I'm such a mischievous bear. Do NOT believe all the stories you hear.


All my bear friends decided it was definitely an afternoon that needed cookies. We took a vote and decided on milk-chocolate chip and raisin (gotta get our veggies in somewhere) and DeeDee Cuddles said she'd make them.

DeeDee Cuddles has a secret teddy bear recipe for her cookies. Shhh. 

She's so pretty, she's got soft purple fur and she loves to bake so sometimes I smell vanilla behind her ears. Sigh.

I just happened to be in the kitchen and offered to help.

I am so helpful in the kitchen baking cookies...no matter what you hear. 

I don't know why she was so suspicious. Something about my reputation preceding me, whatever that means.

She got the cookie dough whipped up and I may have had a little taste.

Then she put them on the tray

DeeDee Cuddles uses a cookie scoop so they turn out nice and even and delicious. She's a great chef and bakes a pawesome cookie. 

popped them  into the oven and told me I had to wait.

I went off to see if BooBoo Shags had heard any more about his trip to Europe and then when I came back, there they were. All golden and delicious, cooling on the rack.

There was a note. Huh. OK...

I really should have been insulted that the note mentioned me. Chocolate Chip Cookies, warm & gooey... I must have teddy bear self control. 

I had a few. And maybe a few more.

How is a big teddy bear supposed to resist warm chocolate chip cookies?

Then I might have left quickly when I heard DeeDee coming back to the kitchen.

I heard her yelling my name.

DeeDee Cuddles wasn't happy when she came back to the kitchen. 

But I didn't eat them ALL... there was a chunk left.

I left a note. It did not go over well with DeeDee Cuddles & the other bears...

I thought that was pretty generous.

I don't know why everyone is so upset about it.

Early bear gets the cookie...but just to be safe I think I'll go nap in my hammock for a while and let all the other bears get over it.

Have a great day!

Sunny Cuddles
Very Stuffed Giant Teddy bear

Friday Fun with Back to School Bears

Friday Fun with
Back to School Bears

Back to School with Giant Teddy is So much Fun!

Uh-oh. Don't look now kids, but it's Back-to-School time. Not to worry, a big softy cuddly bear from Giant Teddy can make it all better.

Well, some better.

OK, maybe we can't promise "better" but you'll have a super cute furry friend to hug you as you gently sob while setting your alarm clock for school. (Mom & Dad this might apply to you, too... why not get your own bear to hug?)

Everyone needs a BBF (Best Bear Friend) for Back to School! Cozy Cuddles 4ft teddy bear w/cream fur from GiantTeddy.com is perfect for the job.

And they can be SO much fun. For Friday Fun blog time, we asked the bears to put on their silly thinking caps (not difficult, they wear them all the time) and come up with some ways they can lend a paw to have your back when school starts.

Top 5 Excuses a Back-to-School Teddy Bear Can Help You Give Parents & Teachers this Year

1. "My bear ate my homework" Given their huge teddy bear size, most teachers are more likely to buy this excuse (might sell it better if you strategically place a bit of paper on your bear's mouth and tweet a photo to your teacher...)

2. My bear hit the snooze alarm and that's why I'm late for school. He said he needs to own his mistakes and he will gladly take detention for me.

3. My bear refuses to learn without motivational chocolate. Sometimes you need to humor creative genius, so we'll need special permission to have candy in the classroom (for the bear you understand, I just help with the wrapper clean-up.)

4. My bear is not finished with his report for school and needs to stay up a LOT later than his bedtime. I, of course, will hold his paw for support (and so I can't go to bed on time either. Sorry, but you did say I needed to learn responsibility?)

5. My bear is deeply ashamed that he insisted on talking on the phone and watching movies instead of helping me study. His behavior was distracting and did not create the proper learning environment. I know you and I are both disappointed, Mom, in this shockingly low grade I got on the test. My bear is sure he and I will both buckle down and do much better. Now let's put the ugliness behind us and go out for pizza - bear says it's his treat!
Uh-oh. Looks like 4ft mocha brown Sunny Cuddles got the answer wrong... but having a Giant Teddy bear is the RIGHT answer for back to school and anytime!

Now how can you possibly live without a Back-to-School teddy bear from Giant Teddy this year? Shop Now - On Sale for a Limited Time.

4.0 in Total Cuteness - get your favorite student a study buddy from Giant Teddy to make their school year AWESOME! Makes a great gift for grandkids, pre-k to college... everyone could use a bear hug for school days.

Happy National Lighthouse Day from Giant Teddy

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 7th is National Lighthouse Day and some of our very own Giant Teddy bears would like to share a few of their favorite pictures to celebrate the day.

Happy National Lighthouse Day from Giant Teddy bear Cutie Chubs in Portland, Oregon

Giant purple teddy bear DeeDee Cuddles with mocha brown big teddy bear Sunny Cuddles at the Brant Point lighthouse on Nantucket

Cutie Chubs spends some time enjoying the beauty of Portland Oregon and learning about lighthouses! (He's a curious big teddy bear)

From the Giant Teddy Family Photo Album: Sunny's Great Uncle Horatio T. Cuddles, Lighthouse Keeper teddy bear (Sunny looks just like him!)

The rest of the big teddy bears at Giant Teddy are planning to celebrate by sitting on top of their desks with the lights out using big flashlights, pretending they are lighthouses. 

We suspect they just want to do it so they can play all day instead of working on their Teddy Bear Reports! Life is never dull at Giant Teddy - invite a bear home with you and you'll see what we mean.

Just a little more on Lighthouses in case you are a fan...

Lighthouses go back a long way, with mentions in the Illiad & the Odyssey in the 8th century BC.

They were part of the history of Egypt and Rome, evolving from primitive fires set to burn in the open to large structures with a complex system of operation.

Lighthouses guided ships, offering points of navigation for direction and safety.

And they are symbols of quiet romance with a rugged beauty all their own.

The first one in America was at the entrance to Boston Harbor, built in the 1700's and later destroyed by the British.

Lighthouses continue to play a role in maritime travel and evolve with technology.

There are a number of societies and groups devoted to preserving their character and history across our country such as The Lighthouse Preservation Society  and The United States Lighthouse Society if you'd like to learn more about their mission.

And if you want something fun and romantic to do while in the New England area, try dining in a historic lighthouse in Newburyport, MA.

Cyber Monday SALE! 48hrs of Back-to-School Giant Teddy Bear Savings

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Just in time for Back-to-School 

it's Giant Teddy's 

Cyber Monday Sale! 

Giant 4ft Cozy Cuddles or 18in Baby BooBoo Shags...both are cuddly adorable bears with cream fur from GiantTeddy.com who will make your school year an A+

Save 25% on your ENTIRE purchase with code: Cyber 

FREE Shipping in the Continental US

*See Shipping Page on GiantTeddy.com for complete Shipping Information

Back-to-School Bears
ALL of our bears are perfect gifts to make going back to school a lot more fun this year! But we have 2 that are dressed for the occasion in our Giant Teddy custom Back to School chalkboard shirt designs. Would you like to meet them? (prepare for a jolt of extreme cuteness...) 

4ft mocha teddy bear Sunny Cuddles in adorable chalkboard shirt

4ft vanilla cream teddy bear Cozy Cuddles in adorable chalkboard shirt 

Everyone's school supply list should include a bear from Giant Teddy! We have bears in all sizes, styles and colors, from little backpack buddies to huge life-size bears (who might try to steal the covers when the alarm clock for school rings.)

Sweet little Kindergartners to college freshmen to teachers who need their classrooms to be full of big bear fun this year - Giant Teddy has the perfect teddy bear for everyone you know. Come take a look and SAVE during our Back-to-School Cyber Monday Sale.

Back-to-School teddy bear 4ft huge Sunny Cuddles with soft mocha fur, in a custom Giant Teddy shirt - only on GiantTeddy.com

Sale begins at 12:01 am ET on Monday August 4, 2014
and ends at 11:59 pm ET on Tuesday August 5, 2014
48 hours of Bear Saving Madness!

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