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Goodnight Giant Teddy Bear Cutie Chubs

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goodnight Sweet Teddy Bear
Cutie Chubs is a Giant Teddy bear with amber brown fur - help us tell him goodnight!

Every night, all the bears from Giant Teddy get ready to dream sweet dreams. Some of them are so happy and lucky because they live with people they love in their Forever Bear Homes.

Some of them still live at Giant Teddy HQ, just waiting to be the perfect huge teddy bear for someone very special (maybe you!)

All of them are adorable, cuddly, and the softest teddy bears in the world.

This is Cutie Chubs. He has plushy-soft amber brown fur (you'll love touching it) big chubby teddy tummy, and even a cute little bear tail. He's a very big bear!

We think he's getting sleepy, so let's help him say goodnight...
Cutie Chubs Giant Teddy bear in sizes up to 6 feet tall... that's a whole lot of goodnight bear hugs!

When the day is winding down and it is almost time for bed, he'll have a little snack.

Yum-yum, bedtime snack for sweet teddy bear Cutie Chubs

Bubble Baths are super relaxing...if he's very careful!

Teddy Bear Bubble Bath... 

Maybe another little snack.

Nothing like the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven as a teddy bear bedtime snack (he bakes a mean cookie) -Cutie Chubs from Giant Teddy

Time to brush teeth (minty breath? Yes please!)
All the snacking means excellent tooth-brushing technique is a must to avoid cavities. Even for big cute teddy bears!

Bedtime stories are so much fun.
Reading one of his favorite bedtime stories, "The Three Bears" with a doggy friend. Teddy bears love to hear stories with you at bedtime. 

And bear hugs goodnight? They make life so sweet.

A hug from someone you love at bedtime makes dreams really sweet - hug a Giant Teddy bear tonight!

Finally it is snoozy time for bears, including lovable Cutie Chubs.
He's off to teddy bear dreamland... but he'd much rather be snuggling with you at bedtime!

Shouldn't you have a Giant Teddy bear to call your own? There's nothing quite like drifting off to sleep with your big cuddly best bear friend keeping watch over your dreams each night. Kids or just kids-at-heart all love our big huggable bears.

There's a perfect Giant Teddy bear for everyone you know... fun all day and they give the best goodnight hugs ever! (Shown: Sewsie Big Love from GiantTeddy.com)

You can shop online anytime - GiantTeddy.com never sleeps even if the huge teddy bears need their rest. Adventures do take a lot out of them! Shhhh.

Sunny Cuddles and the Lemonade Stand

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I need some quick donut money.

What is a Giant Teddy bear to do? Hmm, what?

Oh, sorry! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sunny Cuddles and I'm a big life-size teddy bear with (if I may say so) the softest mocha brown fur you'll ever feel.

My name is Sunny Cuddles & I love warm hugs (sure Olaf says it in "Frozen" but I can say it too, hugs are totally my thing.) 

Some people say I'm quite handsome in fact. (They do so, Cozy Cuddles, you stop laughing.)


My cousin Cozy Cuddles (he's the huge cream teddy bear in my Cuddles Bear Family) has always fancied himself a lemonade stand mogul, so I called him up and suggested we fire it up and take the neighborhood by storm.

2 adorable huge teddy bears... icy cold lemonade... how will people resist us?

We set up and waited for our first customers.

Hmmm, plastic pink flamingos don't seem to be flush with cash. They did not buy any.
Things were slow at first. These pink flamingos don't seem to be thirsty...but that won't keep a Giant Teddy bear down!

Finally! This guy spotted us, and smiled. You know, we get that a lot. Giant Teddy bears make people smile, and they ask for hugs a lot too.

(Of course we really love hugging our very own humans who have us come live with them in a Forever Bear Home... you can pick any bear on Giant Teddy and do something called 'buying' and Bear Travel sends us out with Free Shipping in the Continental US)

He asked about our lemonade stand and we proudly told him we were the big bear proprietors and had made the lemonade ourselves.

He seemed happy to buy lemonade from big cuddly oversized teddy bears.

He had cash!

But for this price we do require customers to pour their own. Self-service keeps our overhead down. And Cozy gets mad when I pour because I insist on a quality control sip out of every cup. How can I be sure our jumbo teddy bear standards are being upheld?

Our first customer of the day at the Giant Teddy bear lemonade stand (self-serve only)

He seems to like it...

Yum-yum-yum, he loves it - it is our own Giant Teddy brand lemonade recipe.

And now I have a dollar. That'll get me a donut. Time for my break, see you later, Cozy Cuddles!

Sunny Cuddles zooms off to buy a donut with his lemonade stand profits. Be watching for a big mocha brown teddy bear zooming around town.

Have a fun day... and if you see a huge cream teddy bear waving his paw at you, do him a solid and buy a cup of his lemonade. It is deeeelish on a hot summer day!

Sunny Cuddles
Giant Teddy brand bear

Top 5 Reasons to Get your Girl a Giant Teddy Bear

Friday, July 25, 2014

If you really want to impress her, get her one of the biggest, softest, cutest teddy bears in the world. Giant Teddy has so many colors and styles you'll find the perfect bear to melt her heart. Be prepared with lip balm... you are so getting kissed. 

BooBoo Shags huge cream teddy bear with an "I Love You" heart will win HER heart for sure! BooBoo is available in lots of sizes at GiantTeddy.com

Top 5 Reasons to Get your Girl a Giant Teddy Bear
Life-size purple teddy bear? Yes please! 

  1. It will show her your "I'm sensitive" side... without you having to cry (though crying is optional. Your call.)
  2. Thank you hugs are just about guaranteed and will, of course, be giant like the teddy bear you just gave her.
  3. Her friends will totally envy her (it's a good thing in this case... you don't understand how girls think do you? Trust us.)
  4. You can put a personalized shirt on the bear and say something really sweet, your anniversary date, her b-day, her cute nickname for you, anything (she calls you sweetums doesn't she?)
  5. You will be a gift-giving hero forever after she gets a Giant Teddy. You can do no wrong, she'll forgive anything... OK, maybe not but you can probably miss taking out the trash once. If you apologize immediately. 
Giant Teddy makes some of the world's biggest teddy bears but we balance total cuteness with giant size to make them completely awesome. Send a giant teddy bear to your girl and life will be so sweet! 

Is your girl a fan of pink? We know pink. We have lots of pink teddy bears - this is ChaCha Big Love, BIG hot pink teddy bear. But we have so many other colors too... come see! GiantTeddy.com

Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, holidays, ANY DAY is a great day for a girl to get a huge teddy bear from you. 

We include a personal card with every teddy bear gift we send with a whopping 70 words allowed so you can be brief or wax poetic about how her beauty makes the world a better place (you can use that idea, no charge.) 

FREE Shipping on any size Giant Teddy brand bear to the 48 Continental United States (4-6 days for delivery) and Overnight and 2nd Day also available. Plus, we'll ship internationally to most countries - ask us!
*Some restrictions may apply, please see our Shipping Page for details. 

Easy Being Green... if you're a Giant Teddy Bear!

A Green Giant Teddy Bear's Essay... Green for Every Reason & Season

Hi, I'm Willy Shags, and I'm a huge green teddy bear from Giant Teddy. I have the softest green fur you'll ever feel (but if I don't know you, please ask before you touch me, I'd hate to call you grabby and trust me, when you see me you will get the Must-Hug-Adorable-Bear urge.)

I think I'm the best color for a teddy bear because green is perfect for any holiday, any season, any occasion. Think about it. I'll even start with January...since green teddy bears are logical: )

-Green is renewal (Jan)

-You'll spend a lot of $green on Valentine's Day OR be green with envy that your bestie got a big Valentine's teddy bear and you didn't... and may I suggest that a green teddy bear for Valentine's Day would be a refreshing change? I love my pink, white and read bear friends but I love celebrating love too! (Feb)

That's Bitsy Cuddles from Giant Teddy & I'll admit, her red teddy bear fur makes her pretty for Valentine's Day... but green is great too! -Willy Shags

-St. Patrick's Day green teddy bear? Yes please, so lucky! (March)

My friend Kay made this picture of me to show what a great St. Patrick's Day teddy bear I am!

-April 15th you hope you are getting green back (we won't talk about the alternative on tax day) (April)

-April showers bring May Flowers with green stems growing in green grass and doesn't your mom love you to eat your green veggies? Happy Mother's Day with a green bear! (May)

Mother's Day panda bears are cute too (even if not green) 

-June is the start of summer and everything is outside where it is - what color again? Oh yes, GREEEN. Dad's love to mow the grass. Father's Day ties often have green. Graduation should mean a Giant Teddy bear gift.... me. (June)

-July means picnics. On the green grass. Oh yeah. (July)

Enjoying Teddy Bear Picnic Day with my family (even if they aren't green bears)

-August means back-to-school and of course, everyone needs a huge green study-buddy-bear (August)

-September we're all ready for some Football! Played on? A green field. Watch the big game with your big green teddy bear! (September)

-What's the scariest color for monsters? Green. Halloween witch faces? Green. Oozing things that go bump in the night? Green. I love Halloween!
I make an Excellent Halloween Teddy Bear!

-Everyone is thankful for life-size green teddy bears, right? And many other wonderful things of course : )  (November)

Green is something to be thankful for! And life-size teddy bears too...

-What is the number one color for Christmas? Green. Trees, wreathes, presents, decorations AND Giant Teddy Bears for Christmas. I even heard Santa originally wanted a green suit but felt the red would show up against all the other green better (that may be a rumor, I can't confirm the source.) (December)

Read the Outrageous Excuses given by my fellow bears on how my beloved Christmas Sweater ended up missing: Top 10 Reasons Willy's Ugly Sweater is Missing

There you have it - a year full of reasons why green teddy bears are perfect no matter what the reason or season. Yay green!

I have a lot of fun on Twitter (might get to join the #teddybearscouts, that sounds fun) & Facebook (about to hit 20k Likes this month, woohoo) I hope you'll hang out with me sometime.

Even better? I wish you'd invite me to live with you or send me to someone you love for the perfect teddy bear gift. I'm the cuddliest, most loyal bear friend you'll ever meet.

And I might even loan you one of my Christmas Sweaters (they are NOT ugly no matter what you hear.)

Willy Shags, Giant Teddy brand bear

BooBoo's Boogie Board Prize: BooBoo Shags is a Fun Teddy Bear!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hi, I'm baby BooBoo Shags and I'm a Giant Teddy brand bear. You will NEVER guess what happened the other day...
That's me, Baby BooBoo Shags, with the vanilla cream fur in the front row (one of our Giant Teddy Shags Teddy Bear family reunion pictures)

You've probably seen me around (I'm the cute big cream teddy bear) I do a lot of work on Facebook & Twitter and love to have fun.

Me in my special occasions bow tie (I usually have on my brown scarf) I'm a very loving teddy bear - do you like my purple "I love you" heart? -BooBoo Shags giant cream teddy bear

Sometimes it is a huge BooBoo Shags you see around, but I'm the baby and I'm ADORABLE (well, that's what humans say... the other bears think I'm just regular!)

I look pretty fierce out there in the water... adorable teddy bears don't usually boogie board by the way. Harsh on the fur. But I had a special trainer (other bears, don't try this at home) -BooBoo Shags

You'll never guess what happened. I was having a beach adventure on my Bear Boogie Board and really riding the waves when all of a sudden a news crew rushed up and said I had just won the contest.

Just doing my Giant Teddy bear thing, being adorable and boogie boarding and it turns out, I've paddled my way into a contest! Who knew? -BooBoo Shags

Contest? I didn't know I was in one!

But it seems that being a soft, cuddly teddy bear with vanilla cream fur wins a LOT of points when you accidentally enter a boogie board contest.

The prize?

Wait for it...
I won! They picked ME, BooBoo Shags, to go on a European Vacation!

I get to go on a European Vacation!


One of my big brother BooBoo Shags Giant Teddy brand bears, he's a HUGE cuddly teddy bear with cream fur (and would NOT meet carry-on standards!)

I hope I fit in the carry on space. Good thing it wasn't a huge teddy bear out there boogie boarding in the contest - they are so big they'd need a first class seat. (Just to be clear, I will be in the First Class carry-on section....right? Well, I'll find out the details soon I guess.)

Meanwhile, I'll just be me, enjoying my #teddybearlife with all the other fun bears at Giant Teddy. I hope you hang out with all of us on Twitter, Facebook and here on our blog.

I love a good book... that's Cutie Chubs reading to me and Marty Shags (he's the cute blue teddy bear) You can meet all of us on GiantTeddy.com

And once I'm off on my BooBoo European Vacation I'll share all of my travel adventures with you on Twitter, Facebook and right here on our Giant Teddy blog.

I can't wait!

You know, just a thought, but maybe you should get a Giant Teddy bear to hang out with and have fun adventures! We make the best gifts you'll ever give - or get. I have lots of cute relatives & bear friends in all different colors and styles and we are the softest bears in the world, I promise (but of course you think I'm the cutest one... right?)

BooBoo Shags
Giant Teddy bear

Giant Teddy Bear at Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sweetie Tubs is such a cutie, and he went to the famous Revere Beach Sand Sculpting contest this past weekend. 

It's me, Sweetie Tubs! I'm at the famous Sand Sculpting contest in Revere Beach, MA. I wonder if many people expect a Giant Teddy bear 3 feet tall to be here?

I'm ready with my shovel & bucket. I feel sure they will want my Giant Teddy bear expertise in sand sculpting. Plus, I'm super cute and cuddly to have around...

Sigh. Nobody asked me to help. Something about Giant Teddy bear paws not well suited for building intricate sand sculptures. Oh well. I'll just go look around Revere Beach to see all the sculptures. 

I was so moved... the theme was honoring our Armed Forces. Can you believe this is made out of sand? I usually think of sand as something to shake out of my fur after a beach day, not an artistic medium of such beauty. Wow. Wonder if they'd ever do a Giant Teddy bear sculpture? -Sweetie Tubs at Revere Beach

About Sweetie Tubs & Giant Teddy
Giant Teddy makes the world's softest teddy bears in sizes 2-6 feet tall with many styles and colors to choose from.

Sweetie Tubs (shown above at Revere Beach) is a mocha brown teddy bear from Giant Teddy with long arms and a classically sweet teddy bear look. He's a big bear at 3 feet but he has even BIGGER relatives. Big. Giant. (Look)

Tiny Tubs vanilla cream life-size teddy bear 65in (5' 5") from Giant Teddy

About Revere Beach
Revere Beach is 6 miles North of Downtown Boston and is America's first public beach (established in 1896) so there is a lot of history there.

The famous Revere Beach Sand Sculpture contest is an amazing display of artistic talent. This year the theme was dedicated to our armed forces in honor of the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

If you'd like to read more about Revere Beach here are several links:
Revere Beach
Celebrate Boston - the 2014 Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival

Giant Teddy's Ice Cream Trivia on National Ice Cream Day

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Scream, You Scream We all Scream for Ice Cream! Happy National Ice Cream Day - enjoy our Ice Cream Trivia : ) 

Giant Teddy bears love many things and ice cream is certainly up there on the list. They are some of the softest, biggest, life size teddy bears you'll ever meet and they love to have fun.

Today is National Ice Cream Day and it happens to be during Giant Teddy Bear Picnic Month so all the bears are celebrating.

Especially Sunny Cuddles. He's a big soft oversized mocha brown teddy bear who loves to say "Pawesome!" (he's trying to make it go viral) and he loves to eat.  You'll find him Tweeting outrageous things on Twitter or bothering people on Hump Day with camel jokes - he is our fun-loving class clown bear.

Giant Teddy Bear Sunny Cuddles having a "small" bowl of vanilla ice cream to celebrate Ice Cream Day 

Smiley Chubs felt it was his civic duty to go out and celebrate National Ice Cream Day with a big ice cream cone! Smiley is adorable - he's a huge teddy bear with vanilla cream fur that is so soft and huggable.

Giant Teddy Bear Smiley Chubs enjoying a vanilla ice cream cone on National Ice Cream Day (it matches his soft vanilla cream colored teddy bear fur!)

Fun Ice Cream Trivia:

-Vanilla outsells all other flavors in the US, followed by chocolate

-At one point in the state of Kansas, it was illegal for restaurants to serve cherry pie with ice cream on it

-Ice Cream Cones became popular after appearing at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904

-Americans eat an average 5 1/2 gallons of ice cream a year (Giant Teddy bears average a few gallons more...)

-Neapolitan is (usually) chocolate, vanilla and strawberry together in one carton but "layered" by flavor and is named after a famous man who created 3 layered ice cream cakes in Naples in the late 1800's

-Ice Cream Day (3rd Sunday in July) and Ice Cream Month (July) were both made official in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan

-Giant Teddy legend has it that Sunny Cuddles was once asked to leave an ice cream parlor after his 53rd spoonful of a "sample taste" claiming he couldn't make up his mind... we all kind of believe that may be true and not just an internet rumor

Enjoy some cool frosty ice cream today and all month... and get yourself a Giant Teddy Bear to share it with you!

Live & Virtual Giant Teddy Bear Picnic Sat. July 19 Twitter, Facebook, Anaheim

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Did you win? Thank you for joining our Giant Teddy Picnic Fun : ) 

These bears will be heading to new Forever Bear Homes...

THE WINNERS!! (Twitter & Facebook)

#GiantTeddyPicnic on Twitter

Grand Prize: Dana Rodriguez, 38in Sunny Cuddles

First Prize: Janice Cash, 18in Tiny Shags

Honorable Mention Participation Award (an unannounced prize, because we're bears & we can) during our virtual Twitter picnic: Yajaira, 18in Shags Bear of Your Choice! Thank you for the great picnic tweeting, bears had so much fun!

Please send us a DM on Twitter with your shipping, email & contact info (or a PM on our Facebook page, tell us you are a Twitter Winner) 

Grand Prize: Kathy McCrae, 35in BooBoo Shags

First Prize: Linda S Davison, 18in Baby BooBoo Shags 

Please send us a PM confirming your winner status along with shipping, contact & email info. 


Thank you all for participating in our fun Giant Teddy Picnic Day!

Anaheim live winners - congrats & enjoy your Giant Teddy bears! Share your bear in pics to our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Our Giant Teddy Bear HQ is in Anaheim, CA where most of the bears hang out while waiting for Forever Bear Homes.

As part of our Giant Teddy Bear Picnic Month, this week will be Giant Teddy Picnic Palooza on Facebook & Twitter leading up to a Live Picnic Event in Anaheim on Saturday July 19th & a Virtual Twitter Picnic the same day. Join us for the fun and your chance to WIN A BEAR!

The Virtual Events:

Join us all week to celebrate Giant Teddy Bear Picnic Month, and for an online Virtual Picnic on Saturday July 19th. 

-Follow us on Twitter

-RT your favorite @GiantTeddy tweets at least once a day - any past or current Giant Teddy original tweets (only one entry per day per person is counted)

-Tweet us .@GiantTeddy #GiantTeddy with why you love our bears (one entry per day per person is counted)

-SATURDAY JULY 19: Virtual Twitter Picnic!
Join us on Twitter from 11am PT-noon (2-3pm ET) for our Virtual picnic going on at the same time as our live Teddy Bear Picnic in Anaheim. Tweet us .@GiantTeddy about what's going on at your own teddy bear picnic: )

-2 Twitter Winners Drawn on Saturday July 19th at 3:30pm ET
1 Grand Prize Winner: a 38in (over 3 feet!) Sunny Cuddles teddy bear
1 First Prize Winner: an 18in Tiny Shags teddy bear

Sunny Cuddles Giant Teddy bear
(prize will be a 38in bear)
Tiny Shags Giant Teddy Bear
(prize will be an 18in bear)

-Like us on Facebook

-Like & Comment on our Official Giant Teddy Picnic Day post (pinned to the top of our page)

-Share the Official Post with your friends to share the fun

-2 Facebook Winners Drawn on Saturday July 19th at 3:30 pm ET
1 Grand Prize Winner: a 35in (1 inch short of 3 feet!) BooBoo Shags teddy bear
1 Prize Winner: an 18in Baby BooBoo Shags teddy bear

Baby & Big BooBoo Shags Giant Teddy bears (picnic basket not included!)
Prizes will be an 18in BooBoo Shags and a 35" BooBoo Shags

Comment on THIS Blog that you love Giant Teddy bear picnics for an extra chance to win!
*Be sure you tell us who you are on Facebook/Twitter since the names may be different! You may comment once for Facebook and once for Twitter if you have accounts on both sites.

Virtual Entry Guidelines and Rules:
1. We welcome virtual participants from all over the world but prize winners must be located in the US with a valid physical shipping address and valid email address. 

2. Contest & Events are run entirely by Giant Teddy and not sponsored by Facebook, Twitter or any other entity. Prizes are at the responsibility and discretion of Giant Teddy.

3. Winners must confirm their status with Giant Teddy within 48 hours of announcement on this blog (winners will be listed at the top on Saturday July 19th, 2014 at 3:30 pm ET) or we will draw alternate winners. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, bears of equal or greater value will be substituted for those specified as prizes in this contest. Prizes will be sent in 2-4 weeks after confirming winners.

4. Participants in our virtual picnic and giveaway must not violate stated policy on Facebook or Twitter. Please respect their rules!

The Live Event:

This Saturday, July 19th the bears from Giant Teddy are helping to host the Teddy Bear Picnic at the Canyon Hills Anaheim public library! 

This is the 33rd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic & Giant Teddy bears are thrilled to be included this year.

Picnic is at the Canyon Hills Branch, located at
400 Scout Trail
Anaheim, CA 92807

Be there at 10:30 am to have your picture taken with a GIANT Teddy bear!

Picnic starts at 11am and includes awesome music from the wonderful Boo Hoo Crew who will be singing their perfect-for-this-event song, The Teddy Bear March... and we heard a rumor that they may just invite BooBoo Shags from Giant Teddy to help them lead the march at the picnic!

Giant Teddy bears will be in attendance, with door prizes and several amazing Big Teddy Bear prize opportunities to win your very own Giant Teddy bear.

Giant Teddy Bear at the Farmer's Market: a Sunny Cuddles Photo Blog

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekends are full of fun times for Giant Teddy bears... they love to go on adventures with their favorite humans, relax, and enjoy living the #teddybearlife : )

Sunny Cuddles is a big mocha brown teddy bear, one of the biggest teddy bears you've ever seen!

Sunny decided it would be fun to go to the Farmer's Market this weekend, so he grabbed his market bag and headed out...
Sunny Cuddles is part of the Giant Teddy bear family - isn't he adorable?

Hi! It's me, Sunny Cuddles. This is my Farmer's Market Photo Blog! It was a fun day of shopping, tasting, and making new friends.

As soon as I got there, I took a look at the produce. It was nice, and I even got a bag of green beans.

But I got in trouble at one of the stands.

I was only trying to find a ripe melon... but they didn't like a Giant Teddy bear thumping them I guess. What. Ever.

It seems that "Bears thumping our melons" is not good for business, so I was asked to move along.

Sniff, sniff. I smelled something nice and wandered over to another stand.

Jeremiah from Hueco Valley Soaps & Lotions invited me to sit down, and explained that the great smell was coming from their homemade soaps. Turns out, they aren't for eating. Good to know.

I had a good time learning about all the cool things they put into homemade soaps. I think all the Giant Teddy bears might like a honey sugar scrub, but I'm honest enough to admit we'd probably just eat it. 

Then I spotted something baked.

Now the Farmer's Market was speaking my language... I bought some chocolate zucchini bread so I could say I got some more veggies.

So many breads for a Giant Teddy bear to choose from... I went with Chocolate Zucchini since it WAS the Farmer's Market! 

I was really excited.

Turns out, there are way more things at a Farmer's Market than just fruits & vegetables!

And sometimes, there are free samples.


I stopped at the Deep River Specialty Foods booth for a taste. Or two. OK, twelve, but she said it was fine.

A Giant Teddy bear has a keen eye for the words, "Free Samples"

Oh yum. That's good stuff.

I had a lot of samples, but this spoon was just too little for a Giant Teddy bear!

I ended up buying some mustard that is a finalist in a contest, some jam and my favorite, Black Bart's Rum Grilling Sauce. (I took it home and had it on burgers. It was pawesome!)

I finally made up my mind. All the Giant Teddy bears loved what I bought!

Oh My.


I got a bit lightheaded and a little girl had to hold me up. I sampled and bought some bacon jam. All the bears are going to love this stuff.

Giant Teddy bears are quite fond of bacon as a rule, though a few of the bears are vegetarians.

I was still a little woozy at the thought of all those bacon-y treats, so the little girl was kind enough to help me to the next tent.

Gourmet Desserts?

Oh yeah.

Giant Teddy bears love cake. Annie M's had some delicious looking cakes that all my bear friends would drool over!

The lady said to call her Momma Jacobs, she makes all of the Annie M's Gourmet Desserts. She helped me taste some fresh peach cobbler and I bought some. I was running low on funds, but next time I'm getting some of her amazing cakes.

I got to sample cobblers and decided peach cobbler was just what a Giant Teddy bear like me would need to unwind after a long day of shopping at the Farmer's Market.

I also met a really nice guy selling salsa and gourmet nuts. He asked if I wanted a job working at his stand - he thought people would want to stop and talk to a great looking big teddy bear like me.

I told him he was right, people always want to talk to me! I told him to visit GiantTeddy.com and he could find the perfect huge teddy bear in a personalized shirt to help hand out samples at his booth.

Oh no. I had no money left to buy any Brussels Sprouts.

How sad.

I guess I'll just have to go again next weekend...


-Sunny Cuddles, Farmer's Market Adventurer

If you'd like to have a fun life-size teddy bear like Sunny Cuddles hang out with you, come meet all our Giant Teddy bears, in sizes from 2 to 6 feet tall and every color and style you can imagine to find the perfect bear for you!