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Teddy Bear Cookie Caper: Fun Friday Photo Blog

Friday, June 27, 2014

It's Friday, and at Giant Teddy that means something fun for our blog! Today we tell the tragic story of a romantic cookie gesture foiled by a snacky big teddy bear named (you guessed it) Sunny Cuddles. 

Here's what happened...in Sunny's own words.

So I was taking a little nap at Cutie Chubs' house when I heard him clanking around in the kitchen. I knew he had invited Sprinkle Chubs, a big fluffy white teddy bear that stole Cutie's heart, over for a romantic bear date. 

(They have quite the Bearmance going, always holding paws and looking at each other adoringly.) 

I wondered what Cutie was doing so I looked out and saw him getting ready to bake cookies.

Cutie Chubs makes his famous Honey Chocolate Chip Giant Teddy Bear cookies

Cookies! I love cookies!

He had all his ingredients out.

Cutie Chubs is a big amber brown teddy bear, and he's one of my best friends.

He mixed it all up - and then he tasted it to see if he had added enough honey.

Every chef needs to check the ingredients.

And then he tasted it again. I like his style.

And a Giant Teddy bear chef checks them twice. Isn't he the cutest big amber brown teddy bear ever?

He got the first batch ready to bake, and put them in the oven just as the phone rang. He went to answer it and I heard him talking to Sprinkle.

Big teddy bear making cookies... Pawesome!

I MAY have wandered over and grabbed the cookie dough bowl, and I MIGHT have scurried off to another room with it.

Sunny Cuddles, big brown cuddly teddy bear... and cookie dough thief

I might possibly even have eaten it all.

And that's about when Cutie came in and found me.

Busted! A big adorable teddy bear can't get out of this trouble.

Oh the shame.

Sunny Cuddles felt really bad - well, at least he felt bad that he got caught!

He made me wash the bowl and told me to get out so he and Sprinkle could be alone.

I was gathering up my things to leave when I heard the timer ding.

Cutie got the cookies out of the oven.

Yum! Fresh-baked cookies! Sprinkle Chubs is a lucky big giant bear (and always careful not to get cookie crumbs in her beautiful white teddy bear fur!)

Wow, they smelled sooooo good.

He was taking them off the cookie sheet and putting them on a plate.

Oversized Giant Teddy Bear, delicious warm chocolate chip cookies... what's not to love in this picture?

The doorbell rang - oh no! I was too late to leave before Sprinkle showed up. I heard Cutie tell her to join him on the patio.

I peeked out the window.

Cutie Chubs is a romantic teddy bear. He had done it up all classy, with flowers for Sprinkle and cookies and two glasses of frosty cold milk. Nice.

Ah, sweet Bearmance! Cutie toasts Sprinkle's bearish beauty with a frosty goblet of milk.

I was on my way out the front door. Really I was. But then I saw the plate of cookies. I thought I'd be a good friend and try one. You know sometimes the dough is good but the cookies aren't, and I needed to back Cutie if they were gross and Sprinkle choked on one and said she hated them.

Quality Control is important.

I am such a great friend.

I sat down with the plate.

Quality Control is important. That's all I'm saying. -Sunny Cuddles, Giant Brown Teddy Bear

I tasted one and said to myself, "Mmmm, this one is good - but that one looks funny. I'll just taste it to be sure." Because I care.

But as I was chewing I heard Sprinkle's voice.

"Oh Cutie, these are so good! Are there any more cookies?"

She wanted more cookies? I looked down at the plate.

Nothing left but a big plate of crumbs. And a very stuffed big teddy bear. 



I heard them coming. It was time for the empty cookie plate walk of shame. I had a feeling Cutie was not going to be happy with me...

Oh well. It's Friday. Happy Weekend!

Giant Teddy bears are all big, incredibly soft to hug, and come in sizes, styles and colors perfect for everyone you know. Send a big bear and their lives will never be quite the same again (but tell them to watch the cookies closely...)

Friday Fun Photo Blog: Big Pink Teddy Bear Summer Plans

Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday 6/21 is the First Day of Summer!! What will a big pink teddy bear do for fun?

Lady Cuddles has lots of big pink teddy bear plans that will keep her busy all summer long. 

She's a Giant Teddy - they totally know how to have fun (while still being adorable, soft & cuddly big bears of course.)

Here's her Friday Fun Photo Blog of what a Giant Pink Teddy Bear plans for the summer: 

Isn't she a vision of giant pink teddy bear loveliness lounging on her pool float?

She may keep in touch with friends she made on the set (Lady Cuddles played the giant pink teddy bear on ABC's "Modern Family" and loved being a star! Visit her on our Bear Paw Walk of Fame Page)

Lady Cuddles likes to hang out with friends enjoying a cool drink on the patio (but she won't let Sunny Cuddles drink grape juice, it might stain her beautiful pink teddy bear fur!)

Lady Cuddles loves to hang out at the beach... but being a big pink teddy bear she knows how important sunscreen is!

Lady Cuddles! Should adorable, huggable pink teddy bears really be ogling the lifeguards? (She says "yes")

Lady Cuddles loves to build sandcastles on the beach with Sunny Cuddles (he's a silly big bear.) Their soft teddy bear fur feels good on the sand.

Lady Cuddles loves to go tubing down the river in summer! (Have you ever seen a Giant Teddy bear go tubing?!)

Lady Cuddles, big pink teddy bear, loves to picnic with friends in summer!

Sometimes a big pink bear just wants to hop on her bike and ride, wind blowing in her soft cuddly fur! (She speeds sometimes...)

A girl does love a sunset drive along the beach in her convertible! And big pink teddy bear girls are no exception.

Lady Cuddles loves adventure! She may be the very first huge pink teddy bear to conquer a zipline!

She might jam out on her pink Fender guitar...

Or sit in on a set with a rock band (Lady Cuddles is the biggest pink teddy bear drummer you've ever seen...)

But mostly, Lady Cuddles just wants to relax this summer. It is hard work being such a cute, adorable big pink teddy bear all year long you know!

Come meet Lady Cuddles and our other Giant Teddy bears... can you imagine how fun your summer would be with one of them around?!

Teddy Bear Picnic: Super Bear Adventure on International Picnic Day

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday June 18th is International Picnic Day! Giant Teddy bears love picnics and plan to celebrate all day long. 
DeeDee Cuddles, huge purple teddy bear and Sunny Cuddles, big mocha brown bear are packing a picnic basket to celebrate. Aren't they cute? 

What? You've never met a Giant Teddy bear?

You don't know what your life is missing!

Giant Teddy bears are the most adorable, cuddly-soft bears on the planet. They come in all colors, sizes, and teddy bear family styles... and the best part? They are big. Huge. GIANT! Even the smallest Giants are bigger than many other teddy bears.

How big? Giant Teddy bears come in sizes from 18 inches all the way to 6 feet tall. (You read that right - 6 feet!)

Where were we? Oh yes - the Giant Teddy bears were all getting ready for International Picnic Day. 

Everyone was packing a basket, with plans to meet in the big Giant Teddy park.

Cutie Chubs had his red wagon all packed up and ready to go.

Amber brown Giant Teddy bear Cutie Chubs comes in lots of huge sizes!

He got to the park first, so he took some time to play on the swings.

When you need a great gift idea, a Giant Teddy bear makes life fun... for anyone! 

But he heard a rustling sound, and turned just in time to see a bird fly off with a bag of delicious honey salmon sandwiches from Cutie's picnic basket!

Cutie Chubs hopped off the swing and ran after the bird, yelling. The bird dropped the bag over the lake and flew away.

Cutie ran onto the bridge and looked into the water (he saw a big turtle down there) and a little girl tried to help him but they couldn't reach the sandwiches.

Cutie Chubs, big amber brown teddy bear, looks in the lake for his missing sandwiches on International Picnic Day

Suddenly, they heard a noise and turned to look. Everyone in the park was pointing to something brown and furry running over the hill.

It's a bird - NO!

Well we know it isn't a plane, what is it??

It's Super Bear!

Super Bear, a mysterious (and some say devilishly handsome) Giant Teddy bear often appears when bears need help. Or there are free donuts. Few know his true identity...

Super Bear had heard the commotion, and was leaping into action. No delicious lunch would be lost on his watch.

Super Bear grabbed a fishing pole, aimed for the sandwiches and hooked the bag, reeling it back in. He handed it to Cutie Chubs who said thank you, and then looked closely at Super Bear.

"Wait a minute, aren't you..." Cutie didn't finish because Super Bear was running away, his cape flowing out behind him.

Then Super Bear tripped, fell, and rolled down a hill out of sight.

The little girl said, "Well, he may be Super Bear, but he's kind of clumsy, isn't he?"

Cutie Chubs laughed and waved goodbye as she ran off.

By then, Lady Cuddles and Sprinkle Chubs had arrived. Cutie told them what had happened.

Lady Cuddles looked around. "Where's Sunny Cuddles?" she asked.

Sunny came limping up over the hill, waving his paw. "I'm starving, let's eat!"

Giant Teddy Bear Picnic on International Picnic Day! Cutie Chubs (amber brown in a personalized shirt) Lady Cuddles (pink cuteness) and Sunny Cuddles (big brown teddy bear) all enjoying some watermelon.

All the bears had a nice picnic and a lot of fun.

Sunny Cuddles, big mocha brown teddy bear, challenges Cutie Chubs, oversized amber brown teddy bear, to some red wagon races after their picnic lunch

When nobody was watching, Cutie Chubs snuck off with Sprinkle to hold paws in the shade. They are quite the Bearmance item around Giant Teddy!

Sprinkle Chubs is a beautiful snowy white Giant Teddy bear with super soft fur - she and Cutie love wearing personalized teddy bear shirts! Add one to your Giant Teddy for a special personalized gift.

You know, the funny thing is, whenever Super Bear shows up, Sunny Cuddles is never there to see him. Huh.

Sunny Cuddles, life-size mocha brown Giant Teddy bear, says he doesn't know who Super Bear is... but he admires him greatly!

Get your own big teddy bear and have fun adventures all year long.

Happy International Picnic Day from all the huggable fun Giant Teddy bears!

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Friday Fun: Sunny Cuddles, Big Bear Donut Fiend

Friday, June 6, 2014

We had a small... situation, so our normal Friday Fun blog is now more the Bear Tale of What Happened Today: Donuts & Sunny Cuddles teddy bear.

It's Friday, AND National Donut Day. Sunny Cuddles, one of our adorable life-sized teddy bears, has been in training for this day all year long.

He loves donuts. You may recall that last Friday, Sunny Cuddles suffered a donut-related injury when he fell out of his hammock trying to hold onto a chocolate glazed donut and had to go to the chiropractor (you can read about that adventure including pictures HERE)

This Friday, he started eating donuts as soon as the shops were open and didn't stop until lunch time.

Then he wandered off for lunch.

And went missing.

His TBRs (Teddy Bear Reports) were seriously overdue. He didn't show up for the staff meeting.

We issued a Missing Bear Fluffy Alert asking for help finding him.

We tweeted our Twitter base looking for him. We let our Facebook friends know he was MIA.

Reports were pouring in from all over:
-Sunny was on a plane to Omaho to join the rodeo

-He had been spotted at a donut place wearing a yellow backpack and grabbing up free donuts.

-The CIA had recruited him for super secret undercover bear work.

-Sunny Cuddles was informed he was America's Next Top Bear Model and he rushed off to NYC to sign a contract

-He was skydiving off the coast of Maine

-Sunny was in a hot dog eating contest down in Texas

-A bear matching Sunny's description wandered into someone's yard and ate all the donuts they had out for a party, then waddled quickly away and boarded a bus heading north. (Verified Sighting! But the trail went cold fast, around lunchtime.)

The sightings and reports kept coming but many were discredited fairly quickly (though we wondered about that hot dog eating contest, that seemed pretty credible) and the search continued.

IMs were popping up on all the computer screens in the office with alerts asking about Sunny.

Everyone thought someone else had already looked in THE most obvious place of all. Then we realized nobody had actually looked.

And we found him.

Asleep under his desk in a donut-induced food coma.

He had this statement written out:

I, Sunny Cuddles, am an adorable and cuddly giant brown teddy bear. We all know that.

But I'm also a patriot and when there's a National Day of Celebration, I do my civic duty to the fullest. 

And boy am I full. After the 36th donut I thought I better have some lunch, so I headed for my favorite foot long sandwich shop (I felt I should eat light after all the donuts.) 

I was on my way there when I noticed a table set up in a backyard and a giant plate of donuts. Just sitting there. By themselves. They looked sad. So I ate them. 
This photo was positively identified as Sunny Cuddles after forensics from the scene confirmed he had written "Pawsome" in the powdered sugar.

Then a bunch of people started yelling about some bear eating their donuts and snapping pictures of me so I headed for the nearest bus stop after leaving them a little note in the powdered sugar. 

The bus dropped me off out in front of Giant Teddy HQ but nobody was around, so I went back to my desk where I was going to be hard at work on my TBRs. 

But I dropped a paperclip and was down here trying to find it and decided to rest my eyes for a second and that's when you came in and found me. I'm not really asleep while you read this, just, uh, really resting my eyes hard. They got a lot of powdered sugar in them today...

I feel sure I'll get an extension on my TBRs since this was clearly a matter of National Security. How would it look if a big cuddly bear wasn't celebrating?

And if for some reason it won't get me an extension... Oh! My BACK! I think I hurt it again while twisting in my chair to get the paperclip off the floor. I'll need to go see the chiropractor again. And obviously can't turn in my TBRs until next week. 

-Love, Sunny Cuddles

We've called off the Missing Bear Fluffy Alert. Thanks for your help in trying to find him, and we apologize for his behavior to the people who had their backyard donuts eaten. We'll see what happens with the Overdue TBRs but we predict Sunny is going to be a busy bear next week. We hope you have a great weekend!

Giant Teddy bears come in sizes from 2ft cuteness to life-sized bears 6ft tall, in every color and style you can imagine including personalized teddy bears and bears for holidays and special occasions. A Giant Teddy bear gift may be the most unique gift you ever give - or get! Stop by and see us to meet all the big teddy bear families on GiantTeddy.com

First Father's Day Gift

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It was a Father's Day gift that would be the surprise of a lifetime, and she wanted it all to be perfect. She researched and planned and found Giant Teddy and knew it was just what she wanted.

The box arrived and she smuggled it into the closet. She had to open it to see for herself, and out popped the most amazingly soft cuddly big bear she'd ever seen in her life.

Baby Tubs Father's Day Gift Bear for Dad

He was truly perfect, 3 1/2 feet tall, with dark chocolate brown fur and a custom teddy bear shirt on. She couldn't resist hugging the big bear close and whispering in his ear, "You are on a very special mission my big furry friend!" She almost imagined that the bear nodded.

Father's Day arrived. He went downstairs to the kitchen, lured by the scent of coffee, and there in his chair was an enormous teddy bear, wearing a shirt with a tie on it that said, "World's Best Dad."

He looked around and saw her, standing in the doorway smiling. "Happy Father's Day!" she said.

He looked confused and said, "But I'm not a - " just as she moved forward and put his hands on her tummy.

"Yes, you are," she whispered, watching his face go from shock to joy to misty emotion.

Hands slightly shaking he said, "You're sure?" and she nodded.

He grabbed her and kissed her. The Giant Teddy bear quietly watched, knowing that the baby would hear the story of how his dad found out he would be celebrating Father's Day every year.

We are so very glad that our bears get to be part of some of the most special moments in life. Happy Father's Day from GiantTeddy.com

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