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Friday Fun Blog: Sunny at the Chiropractor

Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Friday, time for one of our Giant Teddy Fun Blogs! Each Friday we let one of our cute cuddly bears tell you a story, real or imagined.

Sunny Cuddles has had a really hard day so we thought we'd let him blog about it...

Hi, I'm Sunny Cuddles, Huggable & Adorable Giant Teddy Bear and I'll be your guest blogger today.

OK, first of all, I'll freely admit that part of what happened was my own fault. Sure, I could have gone to the morning staff meeting at the Giant Teddy office, and maybe the day would have gone differently, but I really like 3 day weekends and thought maybe I'd seen a note about one...

OK, it MIGHT have been a note I wrote to myself, but let's not point paws about these insignificant little details right now.

It's Friday. I didn't want to go to work and do TBRs (Teddy Bear Reports) so I decided I was taking the day off and headed for my hammock.

I was relaxing with a dozen donuts, watching the clouds change shapes, and was just about to eat a chocolate glazed donut when it slipped out of my paw. I tried to grab it before it fell, and somehow the hammock twisted and dumped me on the ground.

"Ow! My back! My neck! Help!" I yelled in a very brave and manly bear-ish sort of voice. (Do NOT listen to Cozy Cuddles, I didn't scream like a little girl. But it did hurt.)

THIS is Cozy Cuddles... sure he looks all sweet and cuddly here in his personalized Irish St. Pats shirt but don't let the adorable teddy bear face fool you...

I got up with the help of some friends (friends who were not laughing and pointing, Cozy) and it still hurt. BooBoo Shags said he thought I needed to see a chiropractor.

My good friend, BooBoo Shags, who is a very caring bear!

I called the Dr. that BooBoo recommended. They seemed really nice on the phone, and so I went in.

I filled out the new patient paperwork (you know, I had to write in that I was a Giant Teddy bear, and add spaces for "Cuddly" and "Adorable" under current medical conditions - you'd think those would be pretty standard on forms wouldn't you?) and waited bravely for my turn.

Waiting bravely for my turn at the chiropractor today.

"The Dr. will see you now, Mr. Cuddles," the nurse said. I liked that. MISTER Cuddles.

I went in and she told me I could relax for a few minutes, so I stretched out on the table.

I tried to relax but my neck and back hurt and I was worried about what the Dr. might do - I wanted to be a cooperative patient though, and not get a bad chart note like Elaine did on "Seinfeld"

The doctor came in. "Mr. Cuddles I presume?" I sat up. When the Dr. saw my shirt, he said, "Pawesome - I like that!" I keep telling everyone that phrase will go viral any day now.

I sat up when the Dr. came in - he noticed my Pawesome shirt right away. And he didn't even blink that his new patient was a Giant Teddy bear.

Dr. Golab was a really nice guy, I stopped worrying so much when I shook his hand

He shook my paw and asked me what was going on. I told him I had a work-related injury (it was, sort of... I was avoiding work at the time and working to save my precious donut) and he nodded, took a few notes, and told me I was going to feel better soon.

He told me funny jokes while he worked on my neck. I like Dr. Golab a lot!

He adjusted my neck, then had me lay on my tummy and worked on my back.

Dr. Golab used a fancy buzzy thing to loosen up my back fluff; he said part of it was compressed and causing my discomfort.

"That must have been quite a tumble you took, Mr. Cuddles. Your back fluff is severely out of alignment." He told me to take a deep breath and then he pushed and I heard "crack-pop-puff!" and felt my stuffing shift. It felt pretty good!

He told me to take a deep breath and let it out and then he pressed on my back and I felt a crack-puff-pop type feeling and the pain was gone!

"OK, now sit up for me and let's check your range of neck motion."

Dr. Golab checking my neck and back range of motion - he said I was good to go.

Wow, I was so limber again!

"Thanks, Doc! I feel great!"

He looked at me and said, "Don't you mean you feel Pawesome, Mr. Cuddles?" and then he laughed.

I can't believe I didn't use my signature phrase.

But I'm so glad I went to see him. I've been doing cartwheels in the office all afternoon... and even though my TBRs are going to be late, I have a doctor's note!

Maybe I'll stay out of the hammock for a while, though, and eat my donuts in a nice, safe chair.

Happy Friday - hope it's Pawesome!
-Sunny Cuddles

If you'd like to have a fun bear like Sunny Cuddles or any of his big bear friends, visit us at GiantTeddy.com to find the perfect bear for you!

Keep up with the adventures of Sunny and all his friends on our blog and social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

*Special Thanks to Dr. Michael Golab for being a good sport with a patient like Sunny Cuddles.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Father's Day Gifts for Dad

Doesn't your family's Papa Bear deserve a unique and awesome gift for Father's Day this year? 

Dad does so much for everyone all year long (well, maybe he could share the remote control a little more, but...) and on Father's Day we know you want to show him how much you love and appreciate him.

Giant Teddy has some really BIG ways to do just that with our Bears for Dad.

Baby Tubs Father's Day 3 ft. tall Teddy Bear

Our special Father's Day Teddy Bears were selected with Dad in mind from our Tubs Teddy Bear Family, and are classically cute just like he is.

Honey Tubs Father's Day Teddy Bear in the "Awesome Dad" shirt design

Each one is wearing - what else?! - a shirt with a tie design. You can select from "World's Best Dad" or "Awesome Dad" designs. The custom teddy bear shirts are white, easily removed for washing, and the shirt of your choice is included with your Teddy Bear for Dad.
Baby Tubs Teddy Bear for Dad has dark chocolate brown fur

Baby Tubs is a dark chocolate brown teddy bear, and Honey Tubs has light amber brown fur.  They both come in two Giant Teddy bear sizes: 32in (over 2 1/2 feet!) and 42in (3 feet!) because your dad's bear has to stand head and paws above the crowd, just like your dad.

Honey Tubs for Father's Day has Amber Brown fur and is shown wearing the "World's Best Dad" shirt design
Our Father's Day bears have soft, cuddly fur, long arms perfect for giving big bear hugs, big plush teddy bear feet, and the sweetest teddy bear faces ever. In fact, the adorable bear might just be helpful in arguing your case if you are ever in trouble (but that never happens, right?!)

These giant teddy bears for Dad are perfect for his first Father's Day gift from his new baby, or for a Dad who has seen many Father's Day ties in his life and needs to finally get one he can truly love because it is being worn by a big bear instead of him!

Be Dad's favorite and get him a fun gift for Father's Day this year from Giant Teddy. And Dads - we appreciate all you do to make life Pawesome all year long.

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Fun Friday with Cutie Chubs Giant Teddy Bear

Friday, May 23, 2014

Welcome to our Fun Friday Blog! 

Every Friday we turn the blog over to one of the big, adorable, soft cuddly Giant Teddy bears and let them tell you a story, real or imagined, as we all get ready for the weekend.

Cutie Chubs Giant Teddy Bear

This week's guest bear blogger is Cutie Chubs. Our Chubs bears are bigger overall than any other teddy bear family at Giant Teddy, with huge heads, big velvety soft noses, tubby tummies and big round arms and legs. Take it away, Cutie Chubs!

Hi, I'm Cutie Chubs and I'm a Giant Teddy bear. People tell me I'm cuddly and adorable all the time, but today I'm going to tell you about what animals think of me! This is the story of my trip to the Brevard Zoo with my human friend Katy.

Cutie Chubs as "Loggy" at the Brevard Zoo

It was a really pretty day down in Florida, just perfect for a visit to the zoo. I was excited to see all the animals. I put on my favorite Hugs & Honey shirt and offered to drive but Katy said "No" in kind of a loud way. She just won't let that one traffic incident go... I was only going One Way so I don't understand what the big fuss and all the angry honking was all about... but that's a story for another blog.

First we saw the giraffe, who is now my new Best Friend. She tried to follow me everywhere and I had to explain she had to stay in her giraffe home but I'd come back and see her all the time. She was OK with that!
She would find me wherever I was and come up to see me!

My new bestie

I kind of think she wanted a kiss goodbye...

Then I shocked a monkey. I guess the bears they know at the zoo don't usually stroll around in a Hugs & Honey t-shirt waving at the animals...
The monkeys had a strong reaction to seeing a really big bear like Cutie Chubs!

Katy told me "No" to petting a jaguar and she used that voice that warned me not to ask again. But they had this cool thing for when you wanted to see animals that were kind of far away. I looked, and I think the jaguar was napping and that's probably why she didn't want me to pet it.

I was really excited to see the otters. One of them was swimming at first, then he spotted me and rushed out to play, and his friends came out too.

My new otter friends and I were having a lot of fun with each other!

Then Katy and I heard some people grumbling about me being up at the front so long. They wanted to get close up pictures, too. So I graciously hopped down and moved out of the way.

The otters begged me not to go! They wanted to play all day.

The otters were all sad when I moved away. And then they left and wouldn't come back.

So the humans, realizing that I was the major attraction, apologized to Katy and to me, and asked me to get back up there so the otters would come back and play. Everyone wanted to see them up close again.

I was happy to forgive them for not understanding just how fascinating a Giant Teddy bear is, and I got the otters to come back out and play again so everyone could enjoy them.

We had a few more silly moments, I got ice cream (and sticky paws) and then it was time to go home.

Zoo Silly Selfie with my friends

Next time you go to the zoo, take along a Giant Teddy bear. The responses you get from people and animals alike will probably surprise you. Besides, we're soft and fun and the perfect big bear friend for adventures or just hanging out quietly at home.

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Awesome Graduation Gifts from Giant Teddy

Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation Gifts for the Class of 2014

Pomp and Circumstance playing, the swish of caps & gowns, the excitement of a job well done hovering in the air... Graduation is here and it's a BIG DEAL.

Doesn't the graduate deserve a BIG BEAR?!

We know you put a lot of thought into gifts for graduation from High School, College, Advanced Degree, Technical Degree - even doggy obedience school! A cuddly, soft, big teddy bear is perfect for everyone.

Graduation is a stepping stone to other things in life and a moment to remember forever, and our adorable Graduation Teddy Bears are an excellent way to remember the magic of the moment.

Every Graduation teddy bear is big and cuddly, with soft plush fur and a sweet teddy bear face. Bears will listen to secret dreams, be excellent study buddies (they know how to be very quiet) and will be there to hold your grad's paw - er, hand, whenever they need a little extra encouragement.

We have personalized Graduation Teddy Bears who will give your own special 3-5 word message to your special graduate.

Or maybe you'd like a huggable big bear in a graduation cap and holding a diploma.

Whatever bear you choose for the graduate in your life, you can be sure it is a gift they will remember forever.  Change is exciting but sometimes a little scary, and having a Giant Teddy bear friend join them on new adventures will let them take your love along for the ride of their life even if you can't be with them every day.

Stop by and see all of our Graduation Teddy Bear Gifts at GiantTeddy.com - it will be the most lovable gift they ever get!

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Fun Friday with Waldo Shags Giant Teddy Bear

Friday, May 16, 2014

Welcome to our Fun Friday Bear Blog Series... we turn the blog over to one of the bears and let them tell whatever story comes into their fluffy imaginations. Enjoy - and if you have a suggestion for a blog idea from a bear, let us know. Some of them get writer's block!

Today's Bear Blogger: Waldo Shags
[Film Noir Type Music Plays] I had decided to open a detective agency in the office, kind of on the down low, but all the bears knew who to come see if they had a mystery to solve. 

Sure, I'm a cute, adorable and cuddly big white teddy bear with soft white fur and all, but as the Head of Teddy Bear HR I'm used to solving mysteries. 

And sometimes crimes. 

Like "The Case of the Missing Pudding Cup" which was a little caper I blew wide open last month. 

It started out like any typical Friday at the office. I was sorting through all of the many busy and important papers that cross my desk when she walked in. 

She was a looker. Tall, pink, huggable - 6 feet of spectacular pink teddy bear. It was Lady Cuddles, and she was not happy.

"Someone's been stealing my pudding cups." She said it and looked at me expectantly. "And I want it to stop."

Lady Cuddles had been on ABC's "Modern Family" last spring, and she's kind of a big deal around here, even with her own star on the Bear Paw Walk of Fame

Lady Cuddles on ABC's "Modern Family"

Lady Cuddles Jamming out during a Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Can Stick It Foundation. Photo courtesy of Sanders Photography.

I sat back in my chair. "Are you coming to me as the Head of HR or as a private matter?"

She plunked down a cool $5 and looked me square in the eyes. "Private. I don't want company rules about being nice getting in the way of this one."

I was glad. Pudding cup theft had been rampant for months but my paws were somewhat tied by the very nice rules we work by at Giant Teddy. Stealing pudding cups isn't nice, but we had to give all the bears and humans the benefit of the doubt. 

Privately? I was going to nail the guilty bear to the wall. Well not literally, because that would probably really hurt, but I would find the pudding thief. 

I quickly developed a plan and told Lady Cuddles to bring me her pudding cup. I worked fast, made a few adjustments, admired my handiwork, and told her to casually put it in the fridge with her usual note of "Paws Off Please" and she laughed and headed off to the Bear Break Room. 

It was just a matter of time. 11:06 am to be exact. The howling started, and Sunny Cuddles went streaking down the hall running as fast as he could, yelling and screaming that his mouth was on fire. 

We had our thief. The purloined pudding cup was still on his desk, one bite taken out. But one bite was all it took since I had liberally laced it with Super Spicy Hotty Hot Sauce. The only bear in the office who could tolerate it was Willy Shags and we all know pudding is not his favorite so I was pretty sure he wasn't a suspect. 

After Sunny Cuddles had stopped screaming, he told Lady he was very sorry he had been taking her pudding cups. We made him promise to stop. I had a bottle of Super Spicy Hotty Hot Sauce in my paws and shook it at him. He nodded really fast and said he'd never take snacks that didn't belong to him again. 

Sunny Cuddles has a long history of pranks on Lady Cuddles...

But they also love each other and have a lot of fun playing too!

I'm not sure if he'll be able to resist everything, but I do think Lady's pudding is safe. 

--From the Case Files of Waldo Shags, Giant Teddy Bear Detective

Stop by Giant Teddy to meet Waldo, Lady, Sunny and all the big bears! Your life will never be quite the same once you share it with an adorable giant bear. 

Tiny Shags on CBS "Big Brother"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tiny Shags from Giant Teddy was on the hit CBS show, "Big Brother" 

Tiny Shags is so modest... in 2012 he was on the CBS show, "Big Brother" and he waited until now to ask for his star on the Giant Teddy Bear Paw Walk of Fame!

Tiny had so much fun on the show meeting everyone and being a TV Teddy Bear Star. Enjoy the pictures from the "Big Brother" show featuring Tiny Shags Giant Teddy Bear:

Silly moments on CBS's "Big Brother" with Tiny Shags teddy bear

Kara with Tiny Shags teddy bear on "Big Brother"

Tiny Shags on "Big Brother"

Tiny Shags Giant Teddy Bear on the set of CBS TV "Big Brother" in 2012

Visit Tiny Shags at GiantTeddy.com and meet all of his Shags bear relatives! If you ask really nicely we just know he'd love to give you his pawtograph - and a big hug when you invite him home to live with you.

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