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Mother's Day Gifts: Giant Teddy Photo Blog Part II

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Even MORE Giant Teddy Bears for Mother's Day Gifts this year? Yes!
Sunday May 11th, 2014 is Mother's Day
I Love You Mom

Welcome to Part II of our Mother's Day Gift Photo Blog - our bears entered an Essay Contest writing about, "Why I Love Moms" to see who would win the coveted role of being allowed on our Mother's Day Page... we had so many excellent entries that we decided to add a lot of bears from our Tubs, Chubs and Panda Bear Families! 

Visit our Mother's Day Bears today, and enjoy our photo blog Part II (Don't forget to enjoy Part I)

We have 10 Custom Mother's Day Shirt Designs, and each bear in this blog has all 10 Shirt Options! Check out Part I to see the Grandma, Army & Navy Mom shirts. 

Here are some of our favorite photos:
Munchkin Chubs in our Mom Tattoo shirt

Big Chubs in a Ladybug Happy Mother's Day shirt

Sprinkle Chubs in a World's Coolest Mom shirt

Gigi Chubs in a Mom To Be Shirt 

Sammy Chubs in a Mom To Be shirt

These are some of our Adorable Tubs Bears for Mother's Day... Honey, Baby, Scarlet and Cherry (each available in different sizes and shirt options.)

We know how much you love the women in your life who play the important role of Mom - and Moms, the world is a better place because of your love and kisses! Celebrate this special day with a Mother's Day Teddy Bear gift from Giant Teddy.

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Mother's Day Gifts from Giant Teddy Part I of our Photo Blog

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sunday May 11, 2014 is Mother's Day... but you knew that already, right? 

This doesn't take you totally by surprise, with just a little niggle of panic creeping down your spine because you, my friend, have just realized that's only a few weeks away? Only a few weeks to think of a gift for the women in your life who represent Mother's Day for you - no, you're not in a panic.

You can relax because you know that Giant Teddy has amazing personalized Mother's Day Teddy Bears that are perfect for all moms.

AND - wait for it - we'll be adding some NEW Mother's Day bears next week! You heard it here first, and we'll publish them in Part II of our Mother's Day Blog. 

Are you buying a Mother's Day gift for your own mom? Do you need a gift for your grandma on Mother's Day? Maybe it is your wife and the mother of your children - and maybe she's a new Mom-to-be!

We have Giant Teddy bears in lots of beautiful colors, cuddly styles, and sizes to make Mom say, "Wow you love me THAT much?!"

Here's a little preview of some ideas for Mother's Day gifts from Giant Teddy... and more to come in Part II!

Meet some of our special Mother's Day Giant Teddy Bears! 

Simple and classic, feminine and beautiful for Mom on one of our adorable Chubs teddy bears

A cool design that spells out M-O-M in pretty pink and purple for a Happy Mother's Day (Sunny Cuddles mocha teddy bear is shown)

A modern black and hot pink design for the World's Coolest Mom (shown on Cozy Cuddles)

Such a happy design with ladybugs to wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day (shown here on Coco Cuddles)

So Special for a Mom-to-be! It might be her very first Mother's Day or maybe she's a seasoned pro but each new time she becomes a mother is so special. (Shown here on Shaggy Cuddles)

Is your mom awesome? Tell her with this adorable design! (shown on Brownie Cuddles)

This works for a mom in the Army or a mom of a soldier - and either way, Giant Teddy thanks you for your service to our great country! (shown here on Sunny Cuddles)

An ink-inspired design for Mom, we call it our Mom tattoo shirt! (Shown on Shaggy Cuddles)
BooBoo Shags holding an "I Love you" heart for Mom

World's Best Grandma totally deserves a Giant Teddy bear for Mother's Day (shown on Cozy Cuddles)
Proud Navy Mom - and we are proud to be in a country served by such dedicated service people! (text is in navy blue, shown here on Sunny Cuddles)

We've shown you most of the 10 shirt designs on bears from our Cuddles family but this year we are really excited to offer them on bears from our Chubs, Tubs and Big Love families! Be sure you check out Part II of our Mother's Day blog next week for the big reveal on new products!

If you don't see the bear you really want listed on our Mother's Day page, please contact us and tell us what shirt design you'd like and on what size, color and bear you have in mind and we'll let you know what's possible - we love to make you beary happy! 

Giant Teddy wishes everyone a Happy Mother's Day - we know that many of you are "traditional" moms but adoptive mothers, moms with furry kids, step-moms, aunts, grandmothers, and moms-to-be are all loving nurturing mom figures that make the world a better place to be and you all deserve recognition on this special day. 

Cutie Chubs Photo Blog: Snowy Mountain Adventures in Portland, Oregon

Friday, April 18, 2014

Giant Teddy Bears are lovable, cuddly, adorable and so soft. They make life so much fun in so many ways. They love to just hang out with you but they also LOVE to travel and have adventures...

Hi! I'm Giant Teddy Bear Cutie Chubs and this is my Portland, Oregon Snow Adventure Photo Blog : ) 

Cutie Chubs is such a - well, cutie! He's got super soft light amber brown fur that makes him extra-huggable, a big chubby nose and a tubby bear tummy. Our Chubs teddy bear family is our biggest family of teddy bears for their size, with big round arms and legs and oversized heads. And around Giant Teddy, being "extra big" is really an achievement! 

Cutie went to Portland, Oregon on vacation with his friend Katy and shared a lot of his adventures. He was telling all the other bears he might be the first Giant Teddy in professional snow sporting events and showed them one or two pictures of him whooshing along... but then they got their paws on of ALL the pictures and some are pretty funny! Even if Cutie didn't want to share them all, we wanted you to see them...

Wow, it is so beautiful here. I found this sled and figured I'd show off some rad teddy bear moves on the snowy slopes...

Uh... [See Below for our Caption Contest Entries!]

Please tell me the camera isn't on. Oh it is? Uh, this one? Well I lost a quarter in the snow and was looking for it. And I was trying to limber up with some stretches for my next big run. No I didn't fall face first off my sled. NEXT PICTURE PLEASE. 

Here I am, gaining some sweet speed down the hill, whoooohooooo!

Look at me go, I ROCK! Loving the speed, and the wind in my fur!

Hey, wait, uh-oh, no, no... TREE!!!

No! I'm fine! Meant to do that! Yep, this tree trunk is quite strong, tell the rangers it passed inspection... uh, a little help, it's very cold and I am losing feeling in my legs. No need for a photo, no really... what? You already took one? Oh. 

This bear deserves a big plate of salmon... now let's just keep some of those photos between us, the other bears at Giant Teddy might be jealous if they see them all, OK? Katy? Why are you laughing? 

Cutie Chubs will be sharing more of his adventures in Oregon and other travels in future blogs! Meanwhile, visit all the big teddy bears on Giant Teddy's website to meet your new travel adventure bear buddy!

We decided that ALL the entries in our Caption Contest were really fun and we published them all along with the person's name who submitted them! We highlighted the 4 that Cutie Chubs chuckled the loudest at when we read them to him - we love our Giant Teddy social media friends, you make life really fun. 

And we are entering you all in our next giveaway with an extra chance to win (to be announced but you've already got an entry for submitting your caption idea!) Thank you!

Captions from our Facebook Friends:

  • Miranda Fox - Take heart Cutie Chubs I'll pull your sled.

    Theresa Sigourney - If I pull you, will you pull me?

    Pamela Edens - I'm sorry Cutie Chubs but your in the dog sled lane.

    Kathy McCrae - (dog) Can I go next?

    Ashlei Mars Austgen - Rats. I left my keg of honey back at the warming hut.

    Kathleen Yockey - Wanna team up for Iditarod next year?

    Annie Faj - We make a cute team!

    Nyeasia Pippin - "Hey, am I on the set for Snow Dogs 2?!"

    Kathleen Yockey - Bigfoot? Is that you?

    Nyeasia Pippin - For the last time I am NOT Winnie the Pooh!

    Valerie Skiadas Philibert - gimme the rope! Ride Cutie ride (hear the melody)

    Karen Mills - Hibernate?? You gotta be kiddin!

    Karen Mills - Only wimps hibernate! Not Florida Bears.

    Kathleen Yockey - Rad sled, dude bear. Love the tie dye! yaa!

    Barbara Mayes - Do ya wanna play?

    Nyeasia Pippin - Hey, aren't you that bear from the fabric softener commercial? Hey aren't you that dog from the Bush's baked beans commercial?

    Wendy Tait - It look like that you are one beary hot chick having a beary good time sledding

    Nyeasia Pippin-  "Hold on dude....SELFIE!!"

Captions submitted by some of the Giant Teddy Bears:

Brownie Cuddles: (sniff, sniff) Mmmm, Bear Jerky
(Cutie was not amused at that one)

Smiley Chubs: If lovin' you is wrong, I don't wanna be right...

Baby Tubs: No, no, no, I'm sure that I have the right of way! 

Willy Shags: Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?

Sunny Cuddles: If you lift your leg, I'll sue
(Cutie didn't find that one funny either)

And from Cutie Chubs himself:
My GOSH you are a devilishly handsome strapping big bear and you handle that sled with such skill! Can I have your 

Visit Giant Teddy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, our blog and website any time - and follow us on Twitter! 

Giant Teddy Bears celebrate National Scrabble Day

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Brownie Cuddles Loves Scrabble!

Sunday April 13 is National Scrabble Day, and our very own Giant Teddy bear Brownie Cuddles is so excited. He is a big bear who loves to play Scrabble in all forms - sometimes he even makes us spell things out with tiles in meetings when it is his turn to set the agenda.

Have you met Brownie Cuddles? He's a great big dark chocolate brown teddy bear with the softest fur that makes him so extra huggable (he says that would be a great Scrabble word by the way!)

We heard him on the phone talking to his friend, Willy Shags, who is a giant green teddy bear, challenging him to a long distance game.

Willy Shags from Giant Teddy

It seems that Willy Shags was getting ready to play Scrabble with his own new human family, the Garretts, and he thought they'd be fine having Brownie join them for a round or two.

And that's really all we knew... until we got this message from Kay Garrett.

Hi Giant Teddy, this is Kay. I guess you know Brownie Cuddles called and asked about a game of Scrabble with Willy. But before we started to play, Willy wanted to make some popcorn - you know how much he loves to snack! He's been such a good bear lately, helping us walk the dog, water the plants, and helping to take care of my mom who lives with us that I thought, "Well what harm could it do?" I found out. It started out fine, we went over the rules about hot stoves, got out all the stuff we needed, and started the pan of popcorn - we were going old school with it, no microwave. I stepped out for just a minute, heard a loud clanking, and came back in to find popcorn everywhere. We've been cleaning it up for the last 20 minutes. Can you let Brownie Cuddles know the Scrabble game has been delayed? Thanks!

The pictures she sent us tell the story pretty well. Thanks, Kay Garrett, for sharing the fun adventures of Willy Shags with us!

Things start out fine in the popcorn making plans...

And THEN Willy Shags decides he'd like to see what popcorn looks like WHILE it's popping... uh-oh.

Success at last - after about 20 minutes of clean-up! (Brownie Cuddles had the most Scrabble points after 3 rounds)

We hope all of you are enjoying a fun game of Scrabble with family or friends for National Scrabble Day! And what could be more fun than including an adorable, cuddly, special Giant Teddy bear in those plans?! If you need your own big bear for the next game night, stop by Giant Teddy and see who you think will be the most fun - and then invite them home to live with you. 

*Special Thanks to Giant Teddy Customer Kay Garrett for sharing her fun story and photos of Willy Shags. If you would like to be featured with your Giant Teddy bear in a blog adventure, please contact us on Facebook with a message, or send us an email: info@giantteddy.com

Giant Teddy Bears for Easter & Spring

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who says the bunny gets to have all the fun at this time of year?

Ah, Springtime. Such a wonderful time of renewal and growth. Shouldn't you celebrate with a Giant Teddy bear for Easter and Spring?

Can you imagine the looks on little faces as they see a Giant Teddy bear sitting with their Easter basket, or sitting in their chair at the table waiting for them as a Springtime Surprise? Awesomeness. And if the big teddy bear is for you? More Awesomeness (after all, people of all ages love Giant Teddy bears!)

We suggest if you really want to show off that Easter basket that you don't take any chances - head over and pick out one of our awesome bears, in colors perfect for spring and Easter like pink, blue, purple, white, cream and green. If you are a teddy bear traditionalist, we have black and all shades of brown bears too. We have sizes from 18in all the way up to 6 feet tall.

BUT if you want to take a chance...

Would you like to WIN a 2 1/2 foot teddy bear? 

Read on...

The Giant Teddy Spring & Easter Giveaway

We're giving away TWO bears!

A 2 1/2 ft. Pink Lady Cuddles (she starred on an episode of "Modern Family" last spring)

A 2 1/2 ft. Purple DeeDee Cuddles

To enter, visit Giant Teddy on Facebook 

-Be sure you have "Liked" our Facebook page
-"Like" the official contest post pinned to the top of our wall
-Comment with why you would love a Giant Teddy bear
-Sharing it with your friends would be great!

OFFICIAL RULES and fine print details:
-This contest is from Giant Teddy and not sponsored by Facebook

-This will be a random name drawing for two prizes: first name gets a 30in Lady Cuddles, second name gets a 30in DeeDee Cuddles

-Winner must have a valid shipping address in the 48 Continental US (no PO boxes)

-Contest starts Wednesday 4-9-14 at 8pm CT and ends Friday 4-11-14 at 10 am CT.

-Winners will be announced at 10:15 am CT on Friday and MUST respond to us within 24 hours or we will draw alternate names. 
(Responding by 1pm CT on Friday 4-11 means you should* have your bear before Easter!)
*No guarantees and we can't control acts of man or nature that might get in the way. 

-You must Like our page, Like our Post and Comment to be officially entered.

-By entering, you agree to contest rules.

If you don't win (after all, only 2 will win!) you can still get a Giant Teddy bear for Easter - just visit our website and pick the perfect bear to a bring some cuddly springtime joy your way.

Happy Spring from all the humans and bears at Giant Teddy!

Blue Giant Teddy Bears Light it Up For Autism Awareness Month

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's Autism Awareness Month - Go Blue!

To honor the blue, we thought we'd introduce you to our big blue Giant Teddy bears since April is Autism Awareness Month, and April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. This year, many individuals, companies and even cities are joining in to Light it up Blue for Autism, with lots of world landmarks bathed in beautiful blue lights.

What does the face of Autism look like? Beautiful, like any other face in the world.

Are you ready for some big adorable blue-ness? They don't light up - but people's faces sure light up when they see these big blue Giant Teddy bears!

Marty Shags is one cool big blue bear!

Meet Marty Shags: he loves to make people smile, is a bit of a night owl, eats every oatmeal chocolate chip cookie on the plate in record time before you ever get a bite, and is one of the nicest bears we know.

Marty Shags getting in the holiday spirit!

Meet Happy Cuddles: he lives up to his name with one of the happiest outlooks you'll ever find! Happy likes old fashioned board games with friends and family, riding in convertibles so the wind ruffles his blue fur, and is totally into the Harry Potter series.

Happy Cuddles being silly at Halloween

Happy Cuddles was nominated for Giant Teddy Homecoming King!

Happy Cuddles is always happy to make new friends!

Meet Sammy Chubs: he recently rescued a kitten from a tree and has had all the girl bears sighing over what a hero he is - of course it helps that he's a totally adorable big chubby blue bear too! Sammy is our movie trivia buff, and seems to really love movies from the iconic 1980's (he can quote a lot of movie lines!)

You want to hug and squeeze him, don't you? Sammy Chubs has that impact on everyone!

Meet Shorty Hugs: he is everybody's pal, and has a big heart for anyone who needs a helping paw. Shorty loves to grab a quick game of basketball with some of the other big bears, and he is a big fan of Picasso's Blue period.
Aren't the hearts on Shorty Hugs' scarf so cute?!

Giant Teddy has a mission of spreading love and joy through our big bears, which come in all sizes, colors and styles... just like people! It makes the world a lot more fun, don't you think?

For more information about Autism, there are a number of excellent resources available online, including AutismSpeaks.org