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Dreaming of A White Christmas Teddy Bear

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Reunion

Every year as the north wind starts to blow a little colder and Santa gets serious about checking his Naughty and Nice lists, the White Christmas Teddy Bears get together for a family reunion.   It is a wonderful time to share news and catch up with each other before they are each off celebrating Christmas, Teddy Bear style, with people everywhere.

Bell Woolly Tubs hung up the phone.  “Well, Jingles can’t make it – he’s busy at a Color of Christmas meeting!”  Jingles was Bell’s 35 inch younger brother.

“That’s OK – he always eats all the toast anyway,” said Frosty Fluffy Shags.  Frosty was a 45 inch giant teddy bear who was always hungry!  He loved being asked to Christmas parties because they always served delicious things to eat, and sometimes even his favorite hot chocolate.

“OK, settle down everyone, I think I have this camera figured out, so we can take our group picture for the Christmas teddy bear newsletter!”  Bo Fluffy Shags had been fiddling with his new digital camera. The white Christmas teddy bears took a picture at every family reunion to send to everyone, but especially to their Grandpa Teddy Bear who taught them all how to be special Christmas teddy bears.  The white Fluffy Shags & Woolly Tubs bears came from a long line of stuffed Christmas bears, proudly helping spread the joy of the season to everyone who met them.

“Line up, teddy bears, Christmas smiles please!” Bo said.  “Babs, you get in the front so we can see you.”  Babs was a 27” little white teddy bear, perfect for baby’s first Christmas.  She moved to the front of the group.

“OK, Bell, you stand there, and Frosty, you stand here.”  Bo got everyone in a line.  “Frosty, your teddy bear Santa hat is perfect!  Don’t move!”  Bo set the timer on the camera, and rushed to his spot.  He moved pretty fast for a 52” giant white teddy bear!

“Smiles, everyone!” Bo watched his new camera, the little blinking light counting down to take their picture.  “OK, ready?  Three, two, one – Merry Christmas, Teddy Bear!”  All the white Christmas bears smiled their cheeriest smiles.  They loved this time of year!

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The Color of Christmas Bears

Monday, November 26, 2012

And How They Became Teddy Bear Ambassadors for Santa

I believe it was a Monday in Christmas Bear Heights, an exclusive community of bears up at the North Pole, when Santa made his announcement via webcast.

“I have decided to select 3 Christmas Teddy Bears to help me represent the color of Christmas spirit to the world. What little boy or girl can resist a Christmas bear in a Santa hat?  Your job will also be to help adults remember the spirit of Christmas.  I will make my choices for these colorful Christmas bears in a few days.  Merry Christmas!”

All the teddy bears were talking about it.  Who would Santa pick to be the color of Christmas bears?  Which bears would be special enough to be one of his Christmas Spirit Teddy Bear Ambassadors?

Bears of all sizes, shapes, and colors were hopeful.  None of the elves were talking.  It was all top secret, and everyone waited for Santa to choose.  It was all anyone was talking about as gifts were wrapped, toys were made, and names were checked on the naughty and nice lists (it is amazing how many names bounce from one list to the other and back again!)

Finally the big day arrived, and all the teddy bears gathered in the Christmas Bear town square.  Santa was ready to announce the lucky teddy bears who would help him represent the color of Christmas and be Christmas Spirit Ambassador Bears.

“I have thought about it carefully,” said Santa.  “I have reviewed all of your bear files, and while so many of you have excellent Christmas spirit and teddy bear qualifications, and I have found three bears who are particularly well suited to be the color of Christmas for me this year.”

All the teddy bears waited anxiously, little paws crossed for luck. 

“Our white Christmas Teddy Bear Ambassador will be Jingles Woolly Tubs.”  A cheer went up from all the bears!  Jingles stepped forward to stand by Santa.  All the bears were nodding in agreement.  Jingles loved Christmas, and loved singing Christmas carols.  He would really be perfect for the job.

Santa cleared his throat.  “Settle down, settle down, we still have two more Christmas bears to name.”  Everyone was quiet.  “Willy Shags will be our green Christmas Teddy Bear Ambassador.”  Willy Shags stepped forward and stood by Jingles.  One of the bears in the front row whispered to his friend, “Well at least Willy will have to give up wearing those ugly Christmas sweaters this year!” His friend snickered, but after a sharp look from the Head Elf, he was quiet.

“And our special red Christmas Teddy Bear Ambassador is – Riley Chubs!”  Riley squealed in delight.  Santa had picked him to be a color of Christmas bear!  He ran through the bear crowd high-pawing the other bears, and stood next to Santa. 

“Thank you, Santa!” Riley Chubs said. 

Santa smiled.  “You are welcome, Riley, I know you’ll do an excellent job!”

All the bears cheered and applauded as the festive Christmas bears stood by Santa.  Everyone agreed that red, white, and green teddy bears really did make excellent color of Christmas teddy bear ambassadors. 

“All right, we all still have work to do, getting ready for a wonderful Christmas season!  Willy, Jingles, and Riley need to report to wardrobe to get their Teddy Bear Santa Hats and pick out scarves or bow ties.”  The Head Elf was trying to get the bears organized – but you know how excited teddy bears can get about Christmas.

So be on the lookout this year for a green Christmas teddy bear, or a white bear in a Santa Claus hat, or a red Christmas bear.  Willy Shags, Jingles Fluffy Shags, and Riley Chubs will be spreading Christmas cheer all season long as Santa’s Color of Christmas Teddy Bear Ambassadors!

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